Dream LaptopI was recently invited to join a group for HP regarding the future generations of laptops. They want myself, among others, to share our "ideas, designs, thoughts or rants." This is really a great idea, and in a way reminds me of Dell launching the IdeaStorm site.

I haven’t actually owned a HP laptop in over 5 years, and I’ve gone through more computers than I care to mention. Lately Dell has been my brand of choice simply because they’ve just worked for me, and I’ve never had a single hardware problem with any of them that I’ve owned. Okay…I’ll cave. Here are the computers that Ashley and I have owned in the last five or so years: 1 HP, 1 Compaq, 1 Sony, 2 Averatec, and 6 Dell’s. Some of those had been given to me, and some of them were new when I bought them.

With that being said I’ve had quite an experience with different manufacturer’s of computers. Therefore coming up with a list of things that would make one manufacturer stand out over another wasn’t extremely difficult:

  • Make the hinges that hold the monitor the body extremely sturdy. I can’t stand when those get loose and the screen wobbles. This really is my biggest pet peeve for laptops.
  • Make an integrated wireless card that is swappable. That way when 802.11n gets into full swing (as well as future technologies) we can upgrade the wireless card ourselves.
  • Make upgrading the RAM easy for goodness sakes! There should be one cover on the bottom of the computer that I have to unscrew, and then I should be able to pop in the RAM from there.
  • At least 5 hours of battery life.
  • Some sort of video outputs. HDMI would be nice, but I haven’t seen that on a laptop before.
  • Low-cost solid state drives (SSD). I know that they are expensive right now, but they are much more energy efficient and faster than traditional drives.
  • Small power cord that doesn’t weigh as much as the computer itself. My dad’s power supply for his laptop is insanely massive.
  • Put a few small buttons down by the mouse that let you do things like launch Alt-Tab or Flip-3D for switching between programs. I want the ability to quickly switch between windows with the same hand that I’m using the mouse. And no, going to the Taskbar doesn’t count. A button wouldn’t be necessary if the next bullet was implemented:
  • Make the touchpad multi-touch capable. That way putting my finger in one corner
    and tapping another corner could initiate some sort of command that I assign it
    (like copy and paste).
  • Built-in webcam. A lot of laptops are getting these lately, and I think it is going to become a standard.
  • On-site repairs included…I hate sending a computer in to get fixed!

So now I want to know what your dream laptop is like. What would the perfect laptop be for you, and what kind of price would you be willing to pay for it? Let us know in the comments below…and HP will probably be checking up on what you have to say!