ComputertimeAs the title of this article asks, what’s your time online spent doing? Do you spend more time viewing news and other content than you do emailing and shopping? Do you play games? What is it that you do?

A recent study conducted by Nielsen/NetRatings found that people are now spending a good chunk of their time online reading and viewing content like news (thanks to the increase in blogs and other news services) and videos (thanks to sites like YouTube). In fact, over four years, the amount of time spent with content increased 37%! The study found that the “abundance of content and faster online speeds accounted for the spike.

Other interesting findings from the study:

  • Time spent on e-commerce dropped fell 5% (bad news for sites like Amazon)
  • Time spent on communication like email fell 28%

One of the reasons that time spent communicating via email fell is because of the popularity of instant messaging. And then there’s the Social Network factor which affects both communication and content viewing. Many of you probably just use Facebook for casual communication by leaving a message on your friend’s Wall, or leaving a comment on MySpace. And then factor in the time spent by all the people who view content on Social Networks, and the findings of this study are really common sense.

Most of my time online is spent reading blogs, visiting search engines to search for information, and I check in at least once a day to Facebook and MySpace. What’s your time spent doing?

Source: Reuters