It’s Halloween here in the U.S., so we thought it would be a perfect time to show you what happens when a geek gets his hands on a pumpkin and a carving knife. Happy Halloween!


yoda pumpkin


linux pumpkin

Internet Explorer Pumpkin

internet explorer pumpkin


mario pumpkin


firefox pumpkin

Death Star

death star pumpkin

Math Equation

math equation pumpkin

If you’re looking for some more creative pumpkin carvings, checkout this link from Flickr! It’s just a search for “pumpkin carving” sorted by most interesting.


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  1. That Deathstar is crazy…the Mario is very good as well.

  2. OMG, the death star! Incredible!! 8O

  3. The Death Star is pretty great, but Mario was my favorite. What’s interesting is how they “peel” off a small portion of the pumpkin to only let a little bit of light through. It’s a unique way of shading different portions. That’s way too much work. ;)

  4. math equation is awesome.
    simple but creative.

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