It’s pretty crazy the things geeks can come up with when they get an idea. A group of undergraduate students over at Texas A&M have obviously been playing too much Guitar Hero, and decided that they could make a robot to conquer the game for them. After much thought they have named their dubious creation Slashbot. They even started a blog for people who want to follow the progress of the project.

Slashbot is able to jam with the best of the best thanks to some actuators, wires, code, and of course a guitar. It’s actually using what appears to be an unmodified guitar, and literally “presses” the buttons while strumming by using actuators. The video below shows just how crazy fast you have to be if you want to become a Guitar Hero expert.

How well does it work? On expert mode it was able to achieve 96% on “Cliffs of Dover” and 97% on “My Name is Jonas.” Unfortunately the system isn’t able to maximize its score because it has a hard time keeping multiplier streaks. Disappointing, I know, but it’s still a sight to see. Here’s a video that demos Slashbot’s ability to tear up the Cliffs of Dover song:

Slashbot [via Engadget]