If you’re a Gmail user, you may not have noticed that your storage counter (you know, when you log in) stopped on January 1st at 2800MB. It did, and there could have been a variety of reasons for that. Afterall, Google was scrambling to get that serious flaw fixed (Gmail could have potentially given anyone your contact list). It started counting again  on Wednesday, but, it won’t be the last time that it stops counting. 

Garett Rogers over at ZDNet wrote up a post yesterday saying that on April 1st, 2007, the storage counter will stop again. He gave no reason has to how he knew this, but we were curious.  Ryan sent him a quick email asking him how he knew, and this is what he said:

If you set the clock on your computer to April 1st or anything later, the login page for Gmail will display your quota as 2835MB (I think that’s the number…something nice and round anyway)… but any date before that will give you the incrementing counter.

I was curious, so I tried it, and sure enough he was right.  If you set your calendar ahead all the way up until March 31st, you’ll still get the ever increasing amount of storage.  Starting with April 1st and on, the counter is stopped at 2835MB. Are you wondering why this might be? Garett actually gave some good guesses why. First of all, April 1st if Google’s birthday, hmm… I wonder what they’re up to. Reasons he gave were:

  1. They are going to take Gmail out of beta for its birthday (Could this be true? Wow, it’s about time!)
  2. GDrive will be launched, maybe with unlimited storage (Hmm.. another good guess.  If GDrive is launched with the unlimited storage, chances are Gmail will simply be unlimited storage too).
  3. A good day to re-evaluate the storage situation would be on its birthday.

Either number 1 or 2 seam like feasible options, particularly taking Gmail out of beta.  It’s been years now! I think it’s about time Gmail is taken out of beta, don’t you?