Recently I saw that HP’s photo service, Snapfish, offers prints for just 9¢. What a deal, huh? I looked into signing up for an account and it said that my first 20 photos were free, and then after that, each 4 x 6 inch print would be 9¢. That got me wondering what other services charged, and which ones you all use. I set out to find all of the basic pricing from the major services and this is what I found:


Service Size Price
Snapfish 4×6
Wal-Mart 4×6 (home delivery)
Shutterfly 4×6 12¢
Kodak Gallery 4×6 15¢
Walgreens 4×6 19¢


From the looks of it, Wal-Mart and Snapfish are the cheapest route to take if would like your digital photos printed. It’s amazing how affordable photo printing has become and how convenient it is to have them printed.  There’s no more dropping off rolls of film at the store and going back later to pick them up, you just upload your photos to one of these services and wait for them to be delivered to your doorstep.

So which service do you use to print your digital photos?