Where You Can Find Free Portable Applications

I recently purchased a USB drive that I could carry around with me but I wanted to have some of my favorite applications on it. I was looking for applications that I use frequently like Firefox, Thunderbird, some photo editing software, and other applications that would be nice to have with me.

One site that I have known about for quite some time is PortableApps.com. They have many applications that people use on an everyday basis: Firefox, Thunderbird, Gaim, OpenOffice.org, GIMP, and much more. They execute nicely and I have had wonderful experiences with these applications. John Haller is the owner of the site and is the one that makes these applications portable. He obviously works hard and does a great job at producing quality products.

However, I was looking for a more comprehensive list of applications than what he had. I like to have a bunch of choices and in my quest I found PortableFreeware.com. They have hundreds of applications available and they are nicely categorized. This was more of what I was looking for so that I could browse to see what my choices are for a type of application.

What do you do if you can’t find an application you are looking for? Simple, PortableApps.com has a great forum that has a section for requesting applications. John Haller looks at these requests and may take it into consideration when determining which applications to convert in the future.

I love my USB drive and it is even better now that I can take all of my favorite applications with me. I am also very impressed with the wide range of software that has been made available for people to run on their portable drives.