It’s hard to believe, but this November the Xbox 360 will turn 4-years old, and the Wii and PS3 will turn 3-years old. These consoles mark what’s considered to be the seventh generation of video game consoles, and generally consoles are revamped every 4-7 years. That means in the next 1-4 years a new generation of consoles will likely begin to emerge.

This generation of consoles is pretty interesting each of them seem to focus on something different than the other two:

  • Xbox 360: This was the first one to market, and it heavily capitalized on online gameplay. In fact they did such a good job with it that they have actually been able to charge users for an Xbox Live account if they want to play online.
  • Playstation 3: Initially the PS3 was pretty expensive, but the price has dropped rather significantly over the last few years. Almost everyone I know who bought this did not pick it up solely because it was a video game system… the big focus here is that it also plays Blu-ray videos. Heck, most of the people I know don’t even use the PS3 to play games at all. They just bought it because it’s considered to be the best Blu-ray player available since it is also updateable. If Sony had lost the format war it would have really screwed over their console sales.
  • Nintendo Wii: This is more of a family/party console. This was actually the first 7th-gen console I had bought, and for most people the fun factor will start to wear off. Nintendo was smart and priced this below the competition initially which, in addition to their interactive controllers, really helped skyrocket sales. I attribute almost all of the Wii’s popularity to word-of-mouth… because this is the console people seem to talk about the most.

As of right now I own the Xbox 360 and the Wii, but I don’t really play the Wii anymore. I just find playing online with my friends a lot more enjoyable than what’s offered on the Wii.

So now the big question is what consoles do you own? We’ll follow up this poll asking which console you play the most, but right now I’m just curious which one(s) you actually have in your household. Go ahead and vote below, or in the sidebar where you can also track the poll’s progress.