If you have $200,000 in spare change lying around, you may want to consider saving it to use towards your trip to space. How will you get there you ask? The White Knight Two. It’s the “mothership” made by Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites and will be the launch vehicle that will fly SpaceShipTwo up to the Earth’s atmosphere. The White Knight Two was recently unveiled in Mojave, California, and USA Today describes it as “a carrier aircraft designed to launch a passenger-carrying spaceship.”

From the upper atmosphere, SpaceShipTwo will separate from the twin fuselage of the White Knight Two where it was mounted, and then its hybrid rocket will help it climb way above the Earth.At this point we do not know when the first commercial flights will take place because SpaceShipTwo isn’t ready quite yet and isn’t scheduled to be ready until at least 2009. Once it’s ready, it’ll go through quite a bit of testing before it’s ready to carry to space, those willing to pay the required $200,000.

Take a look at the White Knight Two below:

white knight two.png

virgin galactic.png