Fortune has once again put together the top 100 companies to work for in the United States. Not surprisingly at the top of the list is Google! With over a 67% growth rate and 6,500 employees Google is almost in another league compared to the other employers in the list. The video below is the best inside look that I have seen when it comes to a “Googler’s” life:

I was a little surprised that Google receives over 3,000 job applications per day (almost 1.1 million per year), but I guess that’s what happens when employees get gourmet food, free massages, and free access to 5 doctors on the premises. How did some of the other big technology companies stack up compared to Google?

  • Adobe
    Rank: 31
    Growth: 33%
    Number of Employees: 3,604
  • Yahoo!
    Rank: 44
    Growth: 26%
    Number of Employees: 6,840
  • Microsoft
    Rank: 50
    Growth: 13%
    Number of Employees: 44,298

I thought that Yahoo! had more employees than that, but I think that means Google will be passing them up pretty soon since they are only about 350 people behind right now.

So I’ll leave you with a quick question…if you had the knowledge and know-how to work at Google, would you?