Who Needs Microsoft Word When You Have Gmail?

A GMail user recently wrote an article on why he prefers to use GMail to write his essays as opposed to Microsoft Word. While reading the article you start to think to yourself ‘why am I not doing this also?’, or at least that is what I thought. GMail does a way better job of backing up files as you work on them and you won’t lose all of your files if your computer crashes. Heck, for that matter you won’t have anything to copy over when you get a new computer. Here are the reasons that he uses GMail over Microsoft Word:

  1. As I have now adapted to Gmail writing, I am comfortable writing from any computer in the world. Who needs Software? As long as there’s an Internet connection, Gmail will be there for me.
  2. If the data is ever erased on my computer everything will be secure and sound in the Gmail safe house.
  3. Gmail’s rich formatting options are easier for me to use for whatever reason. I also find the spell check less obtrusive.
  4. Gmail automatically autosaves the drafts that you’re working on. I cannot count the amount of times I finished writing something in Word and then my battery dies or something of that nature. Then I’d have to pray that Word saved a backup.

News Source: Revenews