This election year more than ever, the Internet is playing a crucial role in helping voters become informed on each of the candidates, and candidates are using it as a method for campaigning. There are all kinds of web sites that have popped up to help the cause, and one of them that I came across recently that will be helpful to you as a voter is If you live in the United States and you still haven’t decided who you’ll be voting for come November, check it out!  It serves as a great resource for finding out about the 2008 presidential candidates and even gives you an idea of which candidate your views are most similar to.

Glassbooth makes the process pretty quick and easy, yet it’s really informative.  First you’ll start out by assigning 20 points to a list of issues that you find the most important.  For example, I assigned 4 points to education and 4 points to health care, two issues which are important to me. Once your points are given out, you’ll move on to some questions in which you’ll answer on a scale of strongly agree to strongly oppose. When you’re done with that portion, it will tell you how you compare to the different candidates and why.


The fact that it explains why your views line up with a particular candidate is nice. And they back it up with quotes and figures from the candidates mouths which is helpful as well. As you can see, my views are most similar to Barack Obama (84%), Mike Gravel (82%), and Hillary Clinton (80%). Before you run off to take the quiz yourself (and of course come back to let us know your results), here’s som info about Glassbooth. It’s a nonprofit organization that is “creating innovative ways to access political information.  An informed and interested democracy is a powerful thing.  As an organization in the public’s interest, we are very serious about our core principles,” their site says.  Then they go on to list that their core principles are integrity, nonbias, nonpartisan, transparency, and insight.

Thanks to Pieter in the forum for pointing out Glassbooth to us!