Each year Wired News puts together their list of Vaporware awards otherwise known as “the year’s top technology products promised, hyped and scheduled, but not delivered.” Reader’s send in nominations and then Wired ultimately makes the final decision. They’re in the current process of accepting nominations for 2007’s Awards, and at this point, it looks as though a handful of the “winners” from last year could potentially make the list this year:

  • Coming in at number 10 last year on the list was the Optimus Maxiumus keyboard which was supposed to be ready in 2007.  They were set to ship the first 200 keyboard in December, but on the Optimus Maximus website, it says they won’t ship in February 2008
  • Fourth on the list for 2006 was Spore – the new game from the Sims creator. After it was promised in 2006 and never made it, they promised a launch in 2007. December is here, and it looks like Spore won’t be ready until late 2008.
  • Duke Nukem Forever came in as the number one Vaporware award last year. It’s been in development for 10 years now and on the website, they say that there is no release date for the game and that it’ll  be released “when it’s done.” Period.

Again, as I mentioned, at this point people are just submitting their nominations. Among those nominations that have the potential to make the list this year are:

  • Home – Playstations 3’s version of Second Life. It was expected to be available around the Glove by Fall, but it’s now nearly Winter and there’s been no news of it coming
  • XP Service Pack 3 – yep, this one has gotten delayed despite XP’s popularity
  • Tesla Roadster – you know, the pure electric car? It still hasn’t made its grand appearnce yet

Check out all of the nominations that have been submitted so far and let us know if there’s something you think belongs on the list!