Google Donations

Google has setup a special page where Checkout users can donate money to their favorite charities. There are 11 charities in total that are supported, including UNICEF, Make a Wish Foundation, and the American Red Cross.

Now you may be wondering why it’s such a big deal to use Google Checkout for making the donations, especially since a lot of the different charities have their own donation system setup. As it turns out Google is giving non-profit organizations free processing on both credit cards and debit cards until 2009:

100% of all donations made through Google Checkout go directly to the organization of your choice.

Google Checkout for Non-Profits is a fast, convenient donation process that helps you attract more donors and increase online giving to your organization – and you can use it to process donations by charging credit or debit cards for free until 2009.

This doesn’t have much of an affect on the donator since they aren’t the ones who have to pay the fees, but it can greatly increase the overall money received by the charities. A lot of times credit card companies, such as Visa and Mastercard, will charge companies for processing a transaction. The fees are typically a few percent of the transaction amount, which in the end can add up when many of these organizations are receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations every year.

If you’ve been considering making a donation to one of the eleven charities pictured above, use Google Checkout so that the charities get 100% of your money. Kudos to Google for eating up the fees until 2009 for all non-profit organizations, and I would love to see them do it beyond 2009!

Donate Money using Google Checkout