I’m surprised that Yahoo hasn’t acquired Zoho yet. Why? Well, if you think about it, they’re really making a name for themselves and they’re making their service extremely accessible.  More recently, they made it available for the iPhone via iZoho, and now it’s available as a Facebook application.  Yahoo seems like a likely buyer to me because Microsoft has no need for them, and Google has their own Office Suite. Zoho would give Yahoo the chance to catch up with their competition, and while I think Google’s interface is better than Zoho’s, it’s still a great service.

Zoho Comes to Facebook

As mentioned, Zoho is now available as a Facebook application. Everybody is jumping on the Facebook bandwagon, so why not Zoho? I decided I’d add it to my account to see how it works.


My first impression was that there’s nothing TOO special about it because when you click to open a file, it opens in a new full-sized window. Essentially, they’ve just added an interface to Facebook where you can browse your files. The viewing and editing is done outside of Facebook. You’ll also need a Zoho account to use it, like several 3rd party applications on Facebook, your Facebook login won’t work.


Now the other problem that I think Zoho will have is that I’m not sure many people are going to jump to add the Zoho app to their account so that they can view their documents in Facebook. It just doesn’t seem like something the younger crowd which dominates Facebook, would do.On the other-hand, it does give them a lot of exposure, and that’s never a bad thing.

The simple fact that Zoho is making themselves so accessible is impressive, not to mention that they are in fact the very first office suite available on Facebook. With the steady growth that Zoho has seen, I think they’re turning into one strong competitor.