Wifi_ipodAccording to Apple’s primary manufacturer, Apple has plans to release a Wi-Fi iPod sometime in the second half of this year. While Apple hasn’t made an official announcement regarding this, I’d like to think that their manufacturer does have some clue what they’re talking about, and that it’s reliable.

One company (Universal Scientific Industrial) will supply the Wi-Fi chipsets, and Foxconn will build the finished units.  A Wi-Fi iPod has been rumored ever since what seems like the beginning of the iPod. It makes sense on so many levels, and it really does surprise me that Apple hasn’t gone this route already.

Why a Wi-Fi iPod makes complete sense:

  • The demand is there– people want this feature!
  • Competitors have already added wireless.
  • Wi-Fi music downloads (if offered) would be quick and useful.
  • Convenience.

Microsoft has been criticized for the way in which they implemented the wireless, and many have said it’s near worthless. Sure you can search for other Zunes near you, or send songs for the 3×3 trial, but they didn’t go the extra mile. Here’s Apple’s chance to make the most of the wireless capabilities, and learn from the mistakes that Microsoft has made with the Zune’s Wireless to give consumers what they want.

MacNN.com also speculates on whether this new iPod would switch to a touchscreen control mechanism which could certainly be a possibility.

This time, I actually think a Wi-Fi iPod might finally be coming…