Google Lottery

The list of advantages that search engines like Google and Yahoo offer are nearly endless. The list of disadvantages is starting to become endless though too, with one of them being the loss of anonymity. “Google” your name or the name of a friend or family member and you could potentially come up with all kinds of information. One perfect example of this comes out of Miami where a woman is suing her husband for her share of lottery winnings after he won and didn’t bother to tell her. How’d she find out he won? She Googled his name!

Whether this situation shows the advantages or disadvantages of search engines, I’ll leave up to you. There are multiple things I see wrong with this whole story but that’s besides the point. According to the Miami Herald, the woman thought something was fishy after her husband disconnected their phone and kept the TV off. He was obviously hoping to keep her from hearing his name announced on the news as one of seventeen airline mechanics who pooled together to buy a ticket and won $19 million dollars back in June. When a postcard came in the mail congratulating the man for the purchase of a new house, she turned to Google to see what she could find.

She found exactly what she was looking for – a press release from the Florida Lottery stating that he had won. Ever since the woman confronted her husband about his winnings, he disappeared and hasn’t been seen since, not even at work. A co-worker of his at American Airlines said he took a leave of absence and hasn’t returned. The group of winners took the one lump-sum payment which gave them about $600,000 each before taxes which doesn’t leave the man a whole lot to live off of if he plans to stay in hiding for a while.

Thanks to Google, Donna Campbell found out she’s a lottery winner too…

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