In just two days on Wednesday May 21st, the highly anticipated Wii Fit, an exercise game for Nintendo’s Wii will launch in the U.S. Looking over the ads that came in Sunday’s newspaper, you can just tell that this is going to be a big title for Nintendo. Best Buy dedicated the whole back page of their ad to the game which will be sold with the Balance Board peripheral for $89.99.

wii fit.png

The game has already been released in Japan, Australia and the UK and has been extremely successful in those locations. That success is expected to continue in the United States and several locations who were accepting pre-order sales of the game are sold-out. One such example is who displays a message saying that Wii Fit is temporarily out-of-stock because the game is in “great demand.”

With over 40 different types of activities falling into four different categories including yoga poses, muscle workouts, aerobic exercise and balance games, this is one game that is sure to get people moving, assuming that they can get their hands on a copy of it. Hopefully this game doesn’t end-up being as difficult to get as the Wii console itself has been.

Anybody pre-order Wii Fit or intend to head out to the store on Wednesday morning to get the game?

Source: Engadget