The Wii has become rather notorious for the specialized controllers that it uses to draw people into the game being played. It’s very much possible that you’ve been using the controllers for quite some time without actually knowing what they are capable of doing.

Don’t worry, Johnny Lee is here to open your naive eyes. He has a page setup on his site that is merely for the Wii projects that he has undergone, which there are currently three of. For most of the projects you don’t even need a Wii console… just the Wiimote and a computer will do. To top it all off he not only provides the downloads of the applications but also the source code!

So what has he done that is so great? The video below shows off two projects that he has been very successful at. The first is a budget whiteboard that will cost just barely more than the Wiimote itself. And the second project is a head tracking gadget that could bring a new meaning to 3D games. If you’ve got about 6-minutes to spare I’m sure you’ll find this video thoroughly entertaining:

Pretty cool, huh? It’s really amazing that something as simple as a game controller could have so many different uses.

If you didn’t get enough geekiness from that video you should head on over to Johnny Lee’s site where he has some less formal, but more detailed videos of the projects in action. Let us know if you decide to take it to the next level and actually get one of his projects running yourself. ;)

Ted Conference [via Joystiq]
Thanks to “Change” for the tip!