So I had never heard of this site Wikio until I started to see a small amount of traffic start to trickle in from it. Like most sites that I see traffic from I went and visited it to see how they were referring people to my site. As soon as you land on their homepage your first thought will probably be that this is just another Digg-ripoff. I beg to differ, because while it does offer the same story promotion style of Digg there are still some unique aspects to it.

First off, to cast a vote on an article you don’t have to be a registered user. I definitely like that feature but as the site starts to become more popular it will probably receive spammers that try to take advantage of it. So this is nice but not a ground-breaking feature that should pull you away from Digg, but wait, there’s more!

Wikio has news, and a lot of it. Unlike Digg it automatically gathers news from a list of submitted URL’s which currently total more than 12,000! You can always submit a single article that you find but I’m sure there is a lot of appeal to having this “news aggregator” grab articles without putting you through the hassle of doing it yourself. To find out where I was getting traffic from I just typed “Cybernetnews” in the search box to see what results it came up with. As it turns out my URL must have been submitted because for the last week or so people have been voting on our articles…pretty cool. If you do a search and find out that your site is not already in their database then submit your URL here. Before submitting your URL you might want to read this post that they made regarding the addition of new sources.

So what draws people to using Wikio for finding news if there is so much that would have to be filtered through? Tabs are in our Web browsers and they are also in Wikio. you can create multiple tabs and choose what tags or categories you want to be displayed in that tab. I’m not completely sure how their automated tagging system works but looking through the articles that it has pulled from our site I would say that it did a great job of picking relevant tags.

Digg will surely continue to grow, but I think they need to start looking at what other users find beneficial when it comes to customizing their news. The whole tab idea is fantastic and tags are something that Digg needs as well, but I think they are pretty set on trying to establish unique features so that they stand out a little more. When you have as many news submissions as Digg does in one day (typically around 1,500) there needs to be an easier way for people to browse through them, and for me the categories just don’t seem to cut it.

Nice job Wikio, looks like you have a real winner here!