Wikipedia chrome extension

Wikipedia is definitely one of the sites I access the most, and most of the time it is just to quickly look up something I know they’ll have on there. If I’m reading an article on another site I hate having to open a new tab just to search for something on Wikipedia, and that is where the Wikipedia Companion for Google Chrome comes in.

This unofficial Wikipedia extension displays all of the same content as the site in a compact popup window instead of merely taking you to the Wikipedia page like most other extensions do. That means I can find the information I was looking for without leaving the page I was already on.

Here are some of the features the extension offers:

  • Search box auto focused everytime – start typing the moment you open it
  • Access to your recent wiki lookups across any tabs and pages
  • Back/forward history
  • Ability to open Wikipedia lookup in a new tab
  • Multi-lingual Wikipedia support
  • Option to open featured article on startup
  • Adjustable font size
  • Customizable popup window width

Wikipedia Companion for Google Chrome