Wikipedia Now Has A List Of Google's Sites And Services

Wikipedia now has a page that is dedicated to the multiple services and sites that Google provides. Unlike many other lists that are floating around the Web, this list actually has a description for each site it links to. I am sure that the list will continue to grow very rapidly but it is currently has 86 different items in the list. It is nice to see such a comprehensive list (with descriptions) at a site that can be edited by anyone. This means that Wikipedia will probably have the most up-to-date guide to Google that are available!

The list isn’t quite like the Simply Google page that peaked out about a week ago. In addition to providing many links to Google’s services, Simply Google also provided a way for users to search Google like you have never seen.

So, if you want a nice and complete listing of Google services then head over to Wikipedia, but if you want to power-search Google then Simply Google is your solution.

Wikipedia’s Complete List Of Google Sites