Will Google Ever Release Google Health

A Google Health service has been talked about for months now and once in awhile you will hear little whispers about it. Well, the whispering is back and this time we have login screens. Tony Ruscoe has managed to find a login screen for a service codenamed Weaver. This is also known as M Scrapbook but you won’t be able to login until the service is launched.

Google Blogoscoped also scooped up some more information on what we can expect to see from the Google’s Medical service:

Users will be able to log in with their own account information and do things such as add a new medical provider, check their medical records or pay their bills. The product would also provide information about hospitals such as the frequency that a hospital performs a specific type of procedure or which hospitals perform which procedures most often.

I have to admit that is more than I ever expected them to do. I thought it was going to be a type of medical dictionary but I guess I was a little off. Let’s just hope for a launch sometime in the near future.