Will Google Services Be Compatible With Other Browsers

A few weeks ago Google released the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). It is designed to turn your Java code into JavaScript and HTML so that everyone can easily make their applications AJAX based. Many sites, like Google Maps and GMail rely heavily on AJAX to give users the best experience that they can have.

So when you create a site you always have to keep in mind browser compatibility, right? Well, Google thought of that when creating the Web Toolkit. They say that “your GWT applications automatically support IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, and Opera with no browser detection or special-casing within your code in most cases.” That is great news because you wouldn’t want to look bad when you site isn’t compatible with someone’s browser.

So will Google start using this Web Toolkit to develop their applications? Will they go back and fix services like GMail Chat, Google Calendar, and Google Notebook so that all users can enjoy their wonderful works?

While I am grateful that they at least support Firefox it would be nice to see other compatible browsers. I really like how Opera 9 handles and the extensive feature set that it has. However, I also use Firefox because it is compatible with all of the Google services and has a wide range of extensions available. There is also Internet Explorer, but I try to minimize the amount that I use that.

I think that Google can make their applications compatible with other browsers it is just that they choose not to because of the lower market shares. They can do better with browser compatibility, I have faith that they can.