There has also been a big question in my mind lately: “Will benefit or be hurt because of Microsoft Office 2007 release?”

With all of the hype we have been hearing about the Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon does everyone really love it? Personally I think it is a great replacement to the toolbars but I don’t think everyone will agree with that. With that said I am having a hard time determining whether the release of Microsoft Office will push users to go to in order retain the familiar toolbar format or if it will actually draw people away from because of the innovative design.

I’m torn between a definite answer because there are times that I do miss the simple toolbars but the Ribbon does bring a lot of great features to the table. Overall I think Office 2007 will be great for new users who aren’t familiar with Word processors but the average power user would probably prefer to have the toolbars. It is just like how some people rather have the Windows Classic theme instead of the normal Windows XP (Luna) one.

I could also see a lot of companies deciding to make the switch to because there has never been a better time. The people who are already familiar with the toolbars in Microsoft Office may actually prefer to switch to something they have seen before rather than something they’ll have to learn all over again. is obviously trying to seize this opportunity by expanding their current set of features to include more templates and clipart. They are doing this by starting a contest that will give people a reason to share those templates/clipart that they have made with the chance to get something in return.

So what do you think would be easier/better for most people…learning Office 2007 or just switching to the free