Pixelotto It has been a week since the creator of the Million Dollar Homepage launched his new site called Pixelotto. For those of you unfamiliar with the site the goal is to sell 1 million pixels of advertising space at a rate of $2 per pixel. That is double what the price was for the Million Dollar Homepage but that’s because $1,000,000 of the $2,000,000 will be given away to one lucky winner. In addition to the $1 million the winner also gets to nominate a charity to receive an additional $100,000.

To be a winner you have to register and click on the advertisements. You can begin clicking as soon as you register but you are limited to 10 entries per day. After all 1 million pixels have been sold they will do a drawing to see who has clicked their way to $1,000,000! To help ensure that people click on different ads they will select one advertisement and randomly pick the winner from the people that clicked on that specific ad. This means you probably don’t want to pick the same advertisements to click on every time.

What if they don’t reach their goal and sell all of the space though? They already have an answer:

If all the pixels are not sold after 12 months, then the draw will take place anyway, one month later. The jackpot will equal 50% of all the revenue that has been received up to that point.

After one week of being available it looks like Pixelotto has a good start. They have sold nearly 14% of the space available but I have a hard time believing that they will be able to sell everything. Sure they still have over 11 months but I would think it is the first week that they would get all of their publicity. Pixelotto probably won’t get the same recognition that the Million Dollar Homepage received but the prize money is currently sitting at $137,000 which I’m sure anyone would be happy to win!