Will Shopify Replace eBay?

The competition with eBay has been rising with the release of Google Base and now another service called Shopify is going to be stepping into the ring. Shopify is currently in the beta stage but should be officially released for public use in May. They will allow users to create stores and add as many items as they want to those stores at no additional cost. They do, however, earn 3.75% commission on every sale that you complete.

They will have their own integrated payment system which will create a simple ordering process. Of course, eBay has the free software called Turbo Lister which allows users to create listings on their computer and upload them later, and Shopify has a similar type of software called Vision. Vision allows users to setup a theme for their stores without ever having to create a database.

I guess Google really need to get moving on their payment system and eBay needs to cut down on their fees because their are other companies who are trying to take over their markets. Maybe this is some healthy competition that is needed to stop eBay from further raising fees, after all, they also get a large chunk of money from PayPal payments.

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News Source: TechCrunch