New Version Of IE7

Windows Live Mail recently sent some invitations that asked people to complete a survey. In the 10-minute survey they showed some demos of the service but one really interesting part is the version of Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) they are using. I currently run Beta 3 and that is definitely not the same. Without using the newest version it is tough to pick out the new features but I have pointed out a few noticeable things:

  • They changed the color of the forward/back buttons from blue to green. The color in Vista was also blue so I wonder if any of the newer Vista builds reflect a system-wide change.
  • The Quick Tab icon now looks like a small tab.
  • The “New Tab” button now actually has an icon.
  • RSS feed icon has changed.
  • Tools menu looks like it was replaced by an Actions menu.
  • I wonder if they completely eliminated the “X” on every tab or if it is a new option for the user. Now there is an “X” located to the far right of the tab bar.
  • The Refresh button has been moved inside the address bar and the Stop button disappeared. Does that mean they combined the Stop and Refresh buttons?

Unfortunately we haven’t heard an official word from Microsoft about what to expect in the next release of IE7 or when it will be delivered.

News Source: Teching It Easy

Jason made a good observation in the screenshots by noticing that the title says “Microsoft Internet Explorer”. For those people that haven’t paid close attention IE is now named Windows Internet Explorer. This most likely proves that these screenshots are fake.