VerizonIt was just last week when we wrote about Verizon’s “Unlimited” Data plan which Ryan discovered was actually limited to 5 GB per month after reading the fine print extra carefully. When a plan truly isn’t “unlimited,” it’s hard to believe that Verizon has been able to call and market the plan as such.

Now this week, the rumor has it that beginning on April 15th, Verizon will be offering a new plan called “unlimited text, pix, and flix.” While text messages fall under a different category than “data”, the two plans have the word “unlimited” in common which has left me feeling a little uneasy. Especially knowing how Verizon’s interprets and uses the word. “It’s unlimited, but….”

Engadget is reporting that single plans will cost around $20 more per month and family plans will start at $99.99 for a 700 minute plan.  Because Verizon likes to load the fine print with all of the important details that service reps conveniently leave out, I’d get out a magnifying glass and check the fine print for the limitations on the unlimited plan before purchasing it.

If it really truly is “unlimited,” perhaps Verizon has finally learned the definition.  This plan would be great for families, and especially those with teenagers — I hear they can run up super-sized bills from their all of their text messaging! While it may sound pricey, it just might be worth it (assuming it’s not limited).