Will Vista Bust The Bank?

If these prices are true, then it looks like Vista will cost as much as a computer does. We all knew Vista wasn’t going to be cheap, but $1K for an operating system? Here are the rumored retail prices:

Windows Vista Home Basic
200€ or 255.55$ or 135.95£
Windows Vista Home Premium
400€ or 511.10$ or 271.90£
Windows Vista Ultimate Edition
500€ or 638.88$ or 339.87£
Windows Vista Business
650€ or 830.54$ or 441.84£
Windows Vista Enterprise
800€ or 1,022.20$ or 543.80£

Everyone is saying that these prices are very unlikely because the Ultimate Edition is supposed to be the most expensive version.

The retail prices for XP are already high and now we are looking at some versions that cost 2 to 3 times more that Windows XP Professional does? Boy would that push hackers to get a crack out within hours of Vista’s release :) .

News Source: MSBlog