Will Windows Vista Beta 2 Meet Expectations

Windows Vista Beta 2 is expected this week for WinHEC attendees, but is it going to be enough for testers? Some believe that Microsoft will not be able to step up and deliver what is expected at this point.

If Microsoft wants to stay on schedule with a January 2007 release then Beta 2 of Vista needs to be usable as an everyday operating system. If testers are unable to use Beta 2 each day then bugs will never be found.

Even though the latest build, 5381.1, runs a lot smoother than previous builds there are still some things that prevent me from using it everyday. Mary Jo Foley brings out the truth when she says “Even long-time Vista testers and Windows community members, who know the intricacies of Microsoft products as well as the Redmond, Wash.-based software makers own developers and testers, are having problems with the latest builds.”

I am looking forward to Beta 2 but I won’t expect to see any drastic improvements over the 5381.1 build. I guess we will see what WinHEC brings us when it starts tomorrow!

News Source: Microsoft-Watch