Flock 1.0 Loading The Flock team has been working hard as they push towards their first release of the social web browser, which is based on Firefox 2. To get the ball rolling they kicked Flock 1.0 Beta out the door today so that user feedback can start rolling in.


I gave the first Beta a whirl, and I absolutely love the features that it has to offer. As I’ve previously said, this browser will definitely appeal to the social network addicts out there. Check out some of the features this thing is packed with:

  • Flock has hands-down the best feed reader that is built-in to a browser! This time around they revamped the interface so that it is even better!
    Flock Feed Reader
  • My World got a makeover from the previous version. This is essentially just a personalized homepage, but it is really personalized.
    Flock My World
  • Media Streams isn’t all that different, but it’s still a powerful feature when you’re on YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket, Piczo, Truveo, and Facebook.
    Flock Media Streams
  • When you login to a service, such as Facebook, you’ll be able to manage your account from the sidebar. If you don’t use any social networks like Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook this will pretty much be pointless.
    Flock People Sidebar

–The Problem(s)–

Firefox 2 has never really been kind to the RAM in my computer, but Flock is much much worse. I started the browser up, and it was immediately eating up 70MB of my memory. I opened a new tab and bam, I was at 90MB. I started doing some browsing around, and in under 2 minutes I was able to get my memory usage well over 110MB. And closing all of the tabs reclaimed absolutely none of the used memory.

And you know when you aren’t doing anything in Firefox or Opera the CPU usage is next to nothing. That only makes sense, but with Flock my CPU usage was constantly hovering between 20% and 30%. It was definitely doing something in the background, but I have no idea what. I deleted all of the feeds and accounts I had setup in Flock, and that didn’t help at all.

–Release Date–

There is no official Flock 1.0 release date set, but it is estimated for Fall 2007. Will they make the date? Probably, but in terms of stability I’m not sure it will be ready. There’s no way that I could use a browser like this when the memory usage is so excessive.

Will you download Flock 1.0? If so, is it only to try it out or do you actually plan on using it?

Source: TechCrunch