Will You Have To Do A Clean Install For Vista?

Microsoft has taken the liberty of telling users what they need to prepare for when they upgrade to Vista. In the table above they refer to both a “Clean Install” and an “In-place Installation.” The clean install does not mean that you will have to wipe your whole hard drive and start from scratch. It means that it can upgrade Windows but you will have to reinstall ALL of your applications. So really it is probably better to just format your hard drive and start over. The next option is the in-place installation which will let you keep everything: your documents, applications, and even your settings. You will pick up in Vista where you left off in your previous operating system. Well, at least that is what they would like it to do. No matter how many times Microsoft offers an upgrade option I will still be taking the real clean installation route. I’m not referring to their definition of “clean installation” either because I will be wiping my hard drive clean. You need to do this every now and then anyways so I might as well do it when they release Vista.