Window ClippingsIt was a big disappointment when the FastStone screenshot application turned to shareware, but there is another free alternative available that has some really nice features (especially for Vista users). It’s called Window Clippings and it is available for Windows XP, Server 2003, and Vista. Using it is a piece of cake since there is only one executable file (weighing it at only 237KB) that doesn’t require any installation.

There are some benefits that you’ll get by registering the software for $10, but overall most people will be more than satisfied with the free version. The best thing about it is that it’s intuitive, and yet offers several options for customizing the application. Here is a list of my favorite features in Window Clippings:

  • As seen in the screenshot to the right, you can include one window in the screenshot or multiple windows. This is done by holding down the control key after Window Clippings has been activated.
  • One of the coolest things is that Window Clippings has full support for capturing and retaining Vista’s transparency and shadow effects.
  • You can have the resulting screenshot automatically saved to a file or copied to the clipboard. Heck, you can have it do both with every screenshot if you really want to. :)

The only thing I wish you could do with the free version is select a certain region of the screen to capture. Having that would reap the full benefits of the application, but I’m sure that the developer will continue to receive support through registrations and will keep adding new features. I’m pretty sure that this can become an amazing screenshot application with a little more work, and I look forward to seeing some new stuff!

Window Clippings Homepage
Source: I Started Something