WindowBlinds 6 Transparency

Stardock just launched WindowBlinds 6, and there is no doubt that this is what the next generation of skinning is all about! It completely supports the blurring of window borders and menus…for both Vista and XP. I guess you could say that it helps blur the line between the two operating systems. :) Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

When we reviewed the early Beta of WindowBlinds 6 both the quality and performance of the app was quite impressive. Since then the program has received a very nice revamped interface, and still has an incredible list of features:

  • Lets you have “blurred glass” window borders on Windows XP which allows artists to make skins that could make Windows XP look virtually identical to Windows Vista.
  • Includes full support for customizing Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system. Everything from Internet Explorer 7 skinning, Sidebar skinning to explorer backgrounds, WindowBlinds 6 skins virtually every element of Windows Vista while making full use of the hardware acceleration features on Windows Vista for maximum performance.
  • Has a host of other features including advanced animation support in skins, user-creatable skin sub-styles, a new, easy to use configuration program, user customization options of fonts and colors in skins and much more.

I’ll be trying this new version out later today, and there is still a slightly more basic free version available if you don’t want to splurge on the $19.95 Enhanced edition. The free version is not time-limited (a.k.a. it does not expire after 30 days), but it does lack some of the skinning power of the Enhanced version. If you’re an Object Desktop subscriber or purchased WindowBlinds after February 1, 2007 you’ll be receiving the full version at no additional cost.

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Source: WinCustomize