Last night at the D6 conference both Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer sat down together for an interview. We’ve got two highlight videos from the conference below, and there were actually some interesting things brought up. What’s even more surprising is that there were some jokes being thrown around.

Before we get into that we wanted to bring some attention to the multi-touch Windows 7 interface that was demoed. Despite being rather tight-lipped on Windows 7 Microsoft decided to show off a glimpse of what’s in store for the future operating system, but it didn’t go any further than the multi-touch capabilities. My question is whether people are actually looking for multi-touch capabilities in a laptop? The Tablet PC market never really seemed to explode like Bill Gates said it would, and I don’t think that on-screen multi-touch laptops are going to do any better. Sure there will be a chunk of the population who will find it useful, but the hardware required will probably fall outside of the price range for general consumers. Take a look at this video demonstration by Microsoft and give us your opinion:

And as you can see in that video there is not a drastically new interface in Windows 7 like those pictured over at Crunchgear. In fact the credibility of their “screenshots” has already been smashed. All of them are clearly mockups (apparently not even done by Microsoft), and some even look like they date back to the Longhorn days.

If you’ve got 12-minutes to kill here are the highlights from the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs interview, and they are worth watching in my opinion. The first video covers their chat about the history of Microsoft, and the second half focuses on current/future developments.