Windows 7 With all the buzz surrounding Windows 7 in the last two weeks it comes as no surprise that there is a supposed leaked copy floating around the Internet. Torrent sites quickly picked up on the “leaked” version of Windows, and after that it started to spread like wildfire.

As users finished downloading the 2.19GB worth of data reports of the validity started coming in, and they weren’t good. It turns out that the whole thing is just an empty file that serves no purpose. Yes, it was all just a joke. Funny, huh?

For the curious minds out there doing a Google search for one of the following terms will bring up a list of sites that have the torrent available:

Windows 7 M1 – REPACKED ISO

I haven’t tried the download myself, but there are several reports of the file containing all 0’s when being opened in a hex editor, revealing that it is not the real deal.

Something is really boggling my mind though. Where’s the sense in wanting to give this a shot ? It looks like Vista, and will act like Vista with only some minor changes. There will probably be hardware compatibility issues, crashing, and more that will plague the operating system when it’s at such an early stage. Even if the download was real I still wouldn’t be enticed enough to want to try it out.