Microsoft announced last night that they’ve come up with with a name for Windows 7. You might be expecting something along the lines of “XP” or “Vista,” but they aren’t going that route this time around. They’ve actually decided to go back to their roots and call the next major release “Windows 7.” This is just like the old days when Microsoft named milestones based on version (3.11, etc…) or year (95, 98, etc…).

It will be weird to refer to a version of Windows again simply by a number, but I’m sure that’s a decision Microsoft has spent a lot of time considering. Of course Apple tends to go with both conventions: providing a number (10.4, 10.5, etc…) and also an easy to remember name (Tiger, Leopard, etc…). Hopefully Microsoft is making the right choice.

I think the biggest thing for most users in Windows 7 are improvements to how User Account Control (UAC) works. ZDNet noticed that even Symantec has come up with their own UAC replacement that contains the much requested “don’t ask me again” feature:

norton uac.png

We’ll know in the coming weeks some of the things that we can expect from Windows 7 since the PDC and WinHEC events are right around the corner. Hopefully they won’t just talk about the stuff we already know about.