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I am a big fan of the redesigned Taskbar in Windows 7 because it provides faster access to the things I want/need, and one of the ways it does that is through the jumplists that appear whenever you right-click on an icon regardless of whether the app is actually running. With jumplists you get a customized context menu for each application, and developers can work to ensure that the things you’ll use the most are no more than a click away.

Something as simple as jumplists can have a wide variety of uses, and Jumplist Launcher is a great example of that. All it does is sit in your taskbar, and whenever you right-click on the icon you’ll see a list of shortcuts that you’ve decided to put in there. These can be shortcuts to apps, files, or folders, and you can break them out into sections so that they are nicely organized.

The idea behind this program is simple, and I think the developer executed on it perfectly. You can have up to 60 items in your jumplist, shortcuts can be added by dragging them into the Jumplist Launcher interface, and you can change the name and/or icon of each shortcut. Simple, intuitive, and did I mention portable? That’s right, there’s nothing to install. Excellent app!

Jumplist Launcher Homepage (Windows 7 only; Freeware)
[via Freeware Genius]