minimize to try-1.pngI love the convenience of being able to minimize apps to the System Tray… especially when you’re using an OS other than Windows 7, which means each Taskbar icon takes up a significant amount of room. In the past we’ve written about some great tools such as DM2 and TrayDevil that let you minimize a window to the System Tray, but they are often bundled with a lot of other features. Sometimes it’s best to just keep things simple.

Enter RBTray. This free app is portable, works on 32/64-bit machines, and is just as intuitive as you’d expect it to be. Once you execute the app you may question whether it’s actually running since there is no indication (there’s no Taskbar or System Tray icon). To test it out just right-click on the minimize button in the upper-right corner of an app. You should see it get minimized to the System Tray. As you’d expect clicking on the tiny icon brings the app back up.

So why choose this app over some of the alternatives? Not only is the app simple, but it performs extremely well. To put this into perspective it uses a mere 0.5MB (516KB to be exact) of memory when running. In fact this uses the smallest amount of memory out of all the non-system processes on my machine. Extremely handy and a minimal hit to your resources… making it a must have app.

RBTray Homepage (Windows only; 32/64-bit; Freeware)