I received a tip from Mark over the weekend that NeoSmart had posted their Windows 7 recovery disc ISO images just like they did when Vista was released. These discs are extremely handy to have especially if you didn’t receive any installation media with your new computer, which is a common occurrence when purchasing from a majority of manufacturers including Dell and HP.

Why are these recovery discs useful? They include the most important part of what you can find on the Windows 7 installation disc if you purchase a retail copy of the OS. These recovery discs strip away everything except for the recovery portion, which brings the size down to about 5% of what the normal disc weighs in at. With it you’ll able to do things like restore your computer from a backup, repair the startup, roll back to a System Restore point, run diagnostics, open the command prompt, and more.

I’ve used the Vista Recovery Disc numerous times to fix my own machine when the startup has become corrupt (namely because of installing and uninstalling several different Linux distributions). All I have to do is throw in the CD/DVD, run the Startup Repair, and Windows always manages to diagnose and fix the problem within minutes (example). This is something Microsoft got right in Vista… it’s a recovery tool that shockingly works, and the same functionality has been carried over into Windows 7.

windows 7 recovery disc-1.png

So what do you have to do? Well, you simply download the ISO image below, burn it to a disc, boot your computer with it, and begin the recovery process. Here’s the 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) versions of the recovery tool that I’ve uploaded to MultiUpload so that you don’t have to download them through a torrent:

If you want to download it through a torrent jump on over to NeoSmart where you’ll find the links you need. Thanks again to Mark for the tip!

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  1. Ahhh…I wish I had known about the Vista one 3 weeks back, see what happens when you out of the Windows loop for 4+ years. I had to work on my father’s boss’ laptop, but since I didn’t have a Vista disc to restore and he didn’t have the disc that came with the laptop ultimately we choose to install Ubuntu on it as he only uses Firefox. This is good to know, thanks.

    • Thank you for this upload. I have had to restore/repair every verson of Windows I have had in the past, so I’m sure it will be handy to keep around.


    • hai

      burned the ISO, BOOT from CD
      All I get is a blue screen with a little tree.
      I got a screen to choose my keyboard definition and then NNOTHING ….

      adivse ?

  2. i had a “vista” partition on the drive and no vista software disk with a new pc,this is paid for but they wont let you have one at zoostorm,or from reading any pc manufacturer.its not on just to rely on that partition.
    they send out a recovery disk but thats about it for problems.

  3. On my newer laptop i have an hidden recovery partition with OEM Vista. Boot menu and it can be activated.

    I recently installed a fresh “7″ because i hated my Vista experience (7 has only crashed twice in about 2 months, while Vista crashed a lot) but decided to keep that hidden partition untouched.

    I also made some OEM backup recovery dvds when i bought it, but as i decided to install a fresh copy of vista on that moment (XP would work but it had some driver issues) without crapware and bloatware, i installed a clean system.

    I am not much supporter on recovery for an working operating system. Sure its more easy and fast, but there’s nothing more cool than a new fresh copy of windows. Sure it takes a bunch of time tweaking and installing additional software, but as you finish it … brand new fresh look.

    Anyway, for emergency situations i believe recovery mode is awesome, to install an os … not for me.

    Good post, thumbs up.

    • I had two identical computers running when I noticed a faint swirl in a fluorescent light. Computer (1) had windows Computer (2) dual boot windows and linux. The system had surge proptection.

      Result: computer (1) Stone dead including motherboard.
      Computer (2) Windows was dead but Linux ran normally.

      It has been my experience in our area that many crashes of friends computers and apparent virus damage, was in fact, “Power Anomalies”.

      All of these friends and myself now run “UPS” and preferably the “APC” brand.
      My machine has run for a long time with no problems at all except the recent death of a Corsair ram module.

      Further more, Virus are aimed at the latest operating systems so I run
      the Russian modification: “Nasa Sata Raid XPSP3″ which replaces system files on every start up. I have rehashed computers only supporting Vista by hunting around for replacement drivers. Owners are very appreciative.

    • No, you guys don’t understand. These Recovery Discs do not work on the Dell Factory.wim file! When you boot off them and go to the System Recovery Options, it doesn’t see the Factory.wim image to be able to reset system to factory state. These disks are looking for Windows own System image backup, that you created before your crash. How can on get back to “Factory State”, if you have corrupted bootsector, mbr, or partition?

  4. Thanks for this. Insurance is good to have.

  5. Thanks,
    Without unselfish and honest people like you guys us newbies would really be up a creek.

  6. thanks alot was so badly stucked wid startup problem..got solution…

  7. Thanks for this you are a life saver this works a treat and has got my systems backup and running 10/10

  8. hope this works for the wifes new laptop if so a big thankyou

  9. I need to recover my win7 RC so i can save some files and load the full version. Will this work for the RC as well?

  10. The x86 recovery iso file is no longer present.

  11. downloading now, i would advise people to download both 32 and 64-bit and then to burn them to discs, just for a back up if you ever need them again… i deleted linux (ubuntu) and when i tried to restart i get the linux boot and win7 doesnt even load. biggest mistake ever installing linux. hopefully this will work will get back if it does, hopefully thx

    • I totally agree – people should definitely download these and have them handy. Because when you’ll need them is when you won’t have access to a working machine so that you can burn them.

    • try linux ubuntu version 10. its so interesting and very good OS than windows 7.

    • It was crashing because windows and linux do not get along that well together you shouldve installed ubuntu into a separate partition and then windows in another and have a 3rd partition with all of your files that they can both read

  12. thank you so much for this tutorial. i downloaded the 64-bit one off my other laptop burned it using imgburn to a cd-r. switched on my other computer GRUB boot loaded and i put my repair disc in, switched it off then powered back up

    then it came up, boot from cd or dvd press any key….
    then went through the steps.
    selected the command promt and typed exactly bootrec.exe/fixmbr
    then it came up it had finished a second later restarted without the repair disk in and it now works fine without losing any data.

    thankyou for this tutorial and download links 100% genuine. thankyou so much

    • Sweetbrwnshugar


    • Thank you very much you have saved me a bunch of money. I typed in this command bootrec.exe/fixmbr and some how it works. U are my rock star.

    • hey does this work on premium or does it work for all of the types of windows 7?
      i have windows 7 premium 64 bit version
      could you inform me?

    • I downloaded and burned the recovery cd for my wife’s win 7 laptop. How do I get the computer to boot from the cd. Thanks in advance

  13. You really saved my life with that post, I had all my studies work on my computer and now finally I can work with that. thanks a lot.

  14. Can you provide download links for the Vista versions as well?


  15. Do you know a different between any Recovery Disk and any Repair Disc? Hey, Guru, these are not the same.

    Do you really think about yourselves a guru?

    • I do realize that some users relate “recovery disc” to a disc provided by the manufacturer to restore a system. These, however, are more recently being called “restore discs”. I work with a lot of technical people on a regular basis, and recovery and repair discs have been being used interchangeably meaning the same thing. I’m sorry if you use different terminology.

  16. Ryan,

    That was a nice response to a rather snotty post. Thank you for the nice role model response.

  17. Thank you a lot – my startup problem was solved, and saved me a $15,000 deal that I would’ve missed out on.

  18. HELP. My windows 7 was running fine until an update needed to restart. It brought up the BSOD. I was able to go on the safe mode once. Then I tried system restore. It said it was successful, but it gave me the BSOD once restarted. I then grabbed the recovery disc that I have — but not realising that I grabbed the wrong one. I put it in the machine and it ran — but my desktop is a 32-bit. The start-up repair disc I grabbed was the 64bit. Ever since, now my desktop gets nothing but a blank screen but can move the mouse cursor around. Any help would be appreciated.Thank you.

    • Bro – use the 32 bit iso, works a charm!If you read the whle thread you would understand i think

  19. Dude! you saved me from so much pain, I had partitioned to to run 7 dual booting to xp, ran it from ISO and didnt make a system restore typically enough you dont do it and stuff goes backwards this post saved my machine from being a pavement bomb – thank you so much!!!!!!

  20. I did bootrec/fixBoot and I also tried bootrec/fixbr
    it said operation successfully.. but whenever my computer starts.. the windows logo shows up and the cursor(no background just black) shows for one second and my computer just restarts itself automatically. I’m in real mental pain..
    Does anyone have a fix or anything? PLEASE Help me!

    • I run Nasa Sata Raid XPSP3 and use Winternals Admin Pack`s “ERD” which can access the services. I found a virus affected lsass.exe resulting in continuous reboots. In services, just change “Remote Procedure Call” from “Reboot the computer” to “Restart the service”.

      Unmfortunately, Gates grabbed Winternals Admin Pack plus it wont work on Win Seven. I am often busy rehashing Win Seven machines to my Russian XP SP3 which means hunting for drivers as the latest motherboards do not support XP.

      I always find drivers that work and often find sites that support Win 7 machines with suitable XP drivers.

      The Russians must have had a good grin calling it Nasa Sata Raid XP SP3.
      Also, it supports raid and sata drivers plus:::::::::::
      It replaces major files on each start up so that you get a virtually fresh version of Windows regularly.

      If you like it, search for Nasa sata Raid XPSP3 ISO. That guarantees it is not corrupt. Frank at kingsgully at gmail dot com Cheers.

  21. noobwithoutproblems


  22. Brand new pc with Windows 7 on it. When trying to start the pc a message comes up “To start windows recovery process” with like a click here and also “To start windows normally” When I click on either of these it just goes to a blank screen?? What do I do??

  23. Could I download this and install windows 7 without a product key?

    • Hope help still alive… 8-D

    • No, these discs only include recovery tools. They do not include the full install.

    • Ryan, do you know how to get a Windows 7 Recovery Disc for a full install? I have a Sony Vaio, originally with Vista, but upgraded to 7. Got a new motherboard put in as graphics card failed. It is not recognizing the graphics card, only a standard VGA adapter. I figure reinstalling Windows 7 may fix the problem.

    • You should have gotten the full install when purchasing Windows 7. This is only for recovery options.

  24. When I download the file, and burn it to a disc, do i have to unzip it first? Because I’ve burned it, and nothing is happening for me when I pu tthe disc into my laptop…..?

    • Just make sure that the OPTICAL DRIVE (DVD/CD/BluRay Drive) is the first boot option in your laptop BIOS.
      to go to BIOS menu, press f2 while booting…

    • Since its an iso file, you need to image burn it using a specific program

  25. great utility. the ISO burned perfectly. can I restore the boot loader? first time repairing win 7 and there is no fdisk/mbr command. thanks

  26. Hi Guys,

    What happens when your hard drive dies and you need to buy a new one, how will this help you?

    • I am with Howard. My laptop is under warrentee & HP has sent new hd but it is blank and I called so they are sending me a Repair Disc. Do not know how this is going to help if I need to reinstall Windows 7 64-bit. How would your download help Howard and myself as well?

  27. Thanks, great work.

  28. thank you so much dude

    this is just a great tool

    everything is working again

    thanks thanks thanks

  29. 2 words: THANK YOU. Especially for the torrent alternative which I couldnt find online just 2 weeks ago… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

  30. Very frustrated person

    My windows 7 OS crashed, hence why I’m here. I downloaded, burned, booted, ect. ect. ect. Everything seems to be going fine, according to the step by step pictures shown above. Except after I select which keyboard I wish to use, no new windows follow it. I simply remain on the fancy windows 7 screen with a pretty little plant growing on the right side of the screen. All I can do is move the mouse around. I don’t know what to do =(

    Please help!

    • Not sure if you have remedied your situation yet, but I was having the same problem, hence why I am here. As I was sifting through the posts the screen you are talking about just switched to a new prompt, unfortunately it took about 45 minutes to do so, which is aggravating because I currently have a top of the line notebook. Have you tried just letting it run on that screen for a good period of time?

  31. does anyone know where to get a iso of the windows 7 64bit full install. Ive tried both startup repair (which has begun failing) and recovery (which doesnt give me an option to go back far enough to fix the problem) so I want to do a clean install. Anywhere I can get this free?

  32. Cannot think you enough for posting this. You are a life saver!!

  33. It is 1:30am, and I was stuck on boot due to me experimenting with Ubuntu. I was about to not have access to another pc for quite some time after tomorrow morning, so thank you very very much for this. Popped it on a usb drive and wow, so much easier than I thought.

  34. Will the Windows 7 Recovery CD help if I’ve installed Ubuntu to dual boot, yet it somehow took over Windows 7 and no longer gives me the option to boot up in Windows? I only get the option for Ubuntu! I figured out how to retrieve all the windows files and app info, but it’s as though I lost Windows 7 forever! HELLLPP!! Thanks :-(

  35. Thanks you guys!

  36. Hi, I have bought a computer with windows 7 home that its language is in German. If I want to change the language in English or French how I can do that. I want to receive all messages and menus language either in English or French.
    Thank you.

  37. Damn thanks alot now i cant fix my computer

  38. Dang both links are gone :(

  39. This is a keeper!
    Glad you posted the Vista link as well.
    Will these work with brand names like Lenovo and HP?

    Thanks Ryan, i owe you a beer or two! ;)

  40. Can you please re-upload the files? The torrent doesn’t work for me.

  41. Is this this method different from making a recovery disc following instructions on nearly new hp laptop (windows 7). I am not very good at this technical stuff.

  42. Ok I’m new to this so need help. I have downloaded the file to my desktop.Now what to I have to get this file into a disk. Step by step instructions please. Thank You.

  43. Hi, thanks for the download links. I downloaded the 64 bit recovery iso and it booted to the disk but everytime I tried system restore and tried several restore points and it acts like its working and then comes back to an error such as “an unspecified error occurred during system restore 0x8000ffff”. Any ideas? I am at a loss.

  44. Any idea where I can still get a repair disk for Windows XP Pro OEM (media center edition)??? Been trying to fix my PC for over a month now, nothing is helping. I messed up my OS by stopping my Recovery Disc before it was finished, & deleted my partitions and the Recovery on harddisk. My Paragon backup can’t fix it, & running the Recovery disk now can’t work either.
    Also, someone recommended that I get the Win 7 repair disk, BUT I have XP, & that sounds like I shouldn’t use a Win & repair disk. What do you think? Even the PC I would be using to help me make the boot disk isn’t a Win 7, it’s Vista. Sounds like I could ruin 2 HDs with 1 blow.

  45. hey i really need help regaring my computer, so i have windows 7 on my laptop and apparently it was attacked by some very strong viruses. according to the geek squad it’d need to be completely cleaned up(as good as new) and i have to get a windows disk to reinstall everything on it. so is this a system image? if i install this would i be good to go? or do i actually need to get the windows disk?

  46. I want to format my HDD and reinstall Windows 7. I made the recovery discs when i first got my laptop 3 months ago but im unsure on how they work. Can i use these discs to format my drive, then reinstall my Windows 7? Im having some major issues with my laptop for some reason, even tried to reset to the factory settings and still not working so thought if i formatted the drive first then re install it might help but not sure if these discs allow me to do that or not.

    I know this isnt probably the right spot to post this but i hope someone can help me out with this i would really appreciate it, im new to Win7, never had Vista so these discs are new to me, thanks to anyone who can give me some info.

    • The disks posted here on this website unfortunately do not contain any installation files, they are merely to repair a damaged system. However I wasn’t sure if in your post you meant you had made system recovery disks as well from the backup partition that comes with your notebook. If that is the case then yes, you should be able to do a clean install of your windows 7, just be sure you have the driver’s disk as well. I did a wipe on my last laptop and it took me days to find each specific driver download online. If you have any more questions I’d be more than happy to help if it’s in my realm of expertise. Best of luck.

    • No, these discs are only good for basic recovery options and won’t actually work for a full restore.

  47. Does it work with any laptop?

  48. I’ve just put in a new hard drive into my notebook. How can I get an installation DVD for Win 7 Home? I still have the key from my old hard drive with Win 7.


    • There are plenty of ways to get it illegally, but legally you’ll either need to purchase a retail copy or contact your device manufacturer.

  49. Merci beaucoup. Will no doubt come in handy.

  50. Soo many thanks .I try its.

  51. Will I lose all my date if I use this recovery?? I wanted to started my laptop but then the windows boot manager appeared with code0x00000f….

    I really don’t want to lose all my data.

    • No, you shouldn’t lose any data. This will try to repair your startup, which (if successful) will let you resume using your computer as if nothing had happened to it.

  52. ok thank you

    I can’t find the file.. Could you repost it? Also what to exactly?

  53. and how do I know which version to download? the 64 or the other?

  54. What are the steps in using the recovery disk I downloaded? Nothing seems to happen when I insert it into my notebook. It only gives the error message “Bootmgr is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”

    • You need to boot to your disc drive, which will likely require you to press the F2 or F12 key when starting up your computer.

  55. I keep getting a flash on my HP. OS Windows7 Will windows recocery solve the problem.

  56. hello, i am sunny recently i brought toshiba satellite l505-s5988 model with win7 installed. I just formatted to and install xp but i coundnt get full xp supportable drivers so then nw i am trying to install the win7 back with my recover disc(i have 1 window recovery os disc, 1 toshiba recovery disc and 3other recovery disc).

    so question is wheather i can install win7 second time with fresh copy from my recovery disc and even i tried but it was unsuccessful can u please give me suggesions to reinstall the win 7 freshly from recovery disc ….

  57. Hi, my Asus laptop failsafe mode hangs up after classpnp.sys. This happened after I removed Norton Ghost 14 and I suppose NG14 also updated boot selection menu. Anyway, I downloaded x86 recovery disc ISO above and burned. Popped it in my laptop’s drive and after a minute or so – laptop is back online. Problem solved without even any inputs from me. Well done, MS! Thanks for this article!!!

  58. hi, im using windows 7 home basic on my hp 550 & somehow the cd-rom driver is missing/corrupted. is there any way i can recover it without a recovery disc? if not, how do i format the pc?

    • It doesn’t really make since that the driver is corrupt since there are essentially generic “drivers” that the system uses during boot before Windows even loads. Sounds more like your drive is bad.

    • I have a Inspiron 15R, this same exact problem has happened to me. Spent 2.5 hours on chat with Dell yesterday. Still not fixed. Infact, now, not only does my DVD/CD Drive not work (it spins up and the light blinks) but nothing comes of it, but now my internet does not work. I just did an image restore and it still does not work. I cannot use the system recovery discs that I made when I removed the laptop from the shipping carton because DVD drive is not working, and apparently, hooking up a DVD drive to the USB will not work either, because you cannot have periphals hooked up to the laptop. At a total loss. Trying to get Dell to fix it. Was unsuccessful this morning. Damn thing is only 9 weeks old. All this happened after a Microsoft Critical Update. Yeah, it is critical now.

  59. I downloaded the 64bit version and tried to boot and all it gave me was insert a CD or DVD in the drive and press any key. Like it does not have anything for startup. this is on a HP DV7 any help? BTW I am able to use hirums boot cd to boot the machine and then use the boot to windows 7 and it does let me into my machine. I just need to fix the mbr!!!


  60. Windows 7 comes with it’s own option to create a repair disk. Just open control panel, System and Security, Back up and Restore. In the left hand pane is “Create a System repair disk.”
    Click on that and follow the instructions.
    Do all that now before a problem occurs and you will be fine.

  61. Hi All,

    I am facing a problem where in while rebooting my laptop, I am getting “BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart” . My OS is windows 7 home basic.
    Can anyone guide me on solving the above problem?


  62. wow, nice post.. thanks for sharing !

  63. Thanks so much you just saved my life.

  64. I do not have a cd/dvd drive in my netbook.
    How can I do a recovery?
    Please assist.
    Best regards, John

  65. Hi, I downloaded the 64-bit version of Windows 7 and burned it on cd as instructed. When I tried to boot up using the repair disc my laptop doesn’t seem to use the disc to boot up, but the original Windows 7 system instead. I still get a “Windows failed to start” message, with status/error 0xc0000225. My laptop is a HP dm4 with HP’s Quickweb function. Could Quickweb be the culprit, since when I do a restart, my laptop goes to Quickweb first even if the repair cd is in the drive already. Please help. Thanks!

    • Read the manual how to select another boot device. For example, with an ASUS laptop press ESC key on keyboard when booting (at POST-screen) or change boot order in BIOS.

  66. THANK ALOT MAN!i have been looking for this all over the internet !
    wish you all the best.

  67. I use HP Pavilion dv4 Series Notebook Pc in that inbuild Os is Vista.. It causing
    some problem so I Format It..

    Now I Using Windows 7 In that drivers are missing like webcam, Finger print Reader, etc.. I try to Install from Internet it reply as Please Use Recovey for
    installation. What i have to do for accessing the Drivers

  68. Hey guys – just updated the 32-bit ISO again. If you had issues downloading it you should be good now.

  69. hey guys thanks for the iso i am about to burn it i hope it works so thank you so much i am kind of a noob lol

  70. What about for netbooks that do not have a CD/DVD drive?

  71. thankyou very much indeed, really, for doing what my vendor should’ve done!
    all the best :)

  72. Oh jeez yes… booted my computer into windows 7 64bit instantly for repair!


  73. Thank you so much for this. This has saved me and my school report. Once again, thank you.

  74. While installing an Epson printer in addition to the existing Olivetti on my Asus Win 7 64-bit something happened so that now neither i can see the Epson printer nor I can use the Olivetti, nor reinstalling printer drivers help. Does a recovery helps?

  75. When I downloaded this and tried it on my laptop, it said “no bootable devices–strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility Press F5 to run onboard diagnostics.”

    I made my cd drive the first when I oot and have tried all three above options. Is there something else wrong with my compuer that is not allowing this to work?

  76. Hi,
    After downloading the program via torrent and when I tried to start the program I received an error “Unable to load Cybernetnews.com_windows_7_64bit…. Not enough storage is available to process this command!”
    Any assistance would be super.

  77. Hi, I installed Fedora 14 dual-booting with Windows 7 Home Premium. Looking at Fedora’s website, it says that you need the installation disk to fix the computer. Quote, “This procedure relies on the Windows Recovery Environment that loads from the Windows installation disk and you will not be able to complete the procedure without access to this disk.” Will these repair disks be able to do that (I don’t have the installation disks).

  78. Ryan, thanks for creating these in 32 and 64 bit. From reading through the posts I understand this is a generic ‘fixup’ CD. Am I correct that this then relies on the OEM’s hidden partition on the HD to perform a full re-install / recovery?

    If so, is there a mechanism in Seven to dump that hidden partition to media that could be used to install on a brand new blank HD, either from this media alone (where would one find the Windows key?) or by assistance of your fixup CD?

    I think folks are worried about getting their “pre-installed” Win Seven “backed” up in case the HD, including that hidden partition, fails. Not one machine is shipped today with any “Genuine Windows Media” and consumers are rightly worried. Could you please write a few words to address such a worst-case scenario and the steps to install on a brand new blank HD?

  79. Repair WinXP with Win7 Recovery Disc?

    Can you Repair WinXP with this Win7 Recovery Disc? I just need to boot to “Windows” & run chkdsk…I have XP, but XP never had anything like these Vista/7 Recovery Discs.

    Back story…
    After a power outage/surge/whatever (I wasn’t present at the time)…2 WinXP Computers were BSoD’ing on boot. 1 with “STOP 0xED” the other with a semi-random assortment of STOP errors: sometimes 0x7E sometimes others (never 0xED yet tho). All I do is reboot the 2nd WinXP comp & it will randomly pick which error code to show me…on the bright side, I just rebooted twice & got 0x7E both times, so maybe it has finally decided what is REALLY wrong with it?

    Computer 0 – OS: WinXP – HD: IDE – This is the Computer used to fix Computer 1.
    Computer 1 – OS: WinXP – HD: IDE – Problem: BSoD on Boot: STOP 0xED – This one is already fixed
    Computer 2 – OS: WinXP – HD: SCSI/SATA – Problem: BSoD on Boot: STOP 0x7E (or other random number) – STILL NOT FIXED!

    1st I burned the “rc.iso” (available on the net: thecomputerparamedic.com/files/rc.iso) & that does boot into Recovery Console, but it drops to a command line without selecting the Windows Installation to fix (problem 1). Then when I try to run chkdsk, it gives a really scary error msg “The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems” (I’m thinking WTF!!!). So, I run DiskPart to LOOK at the partitions, there “appear” to be no partitions, just 1 “Unallocated” piece of space (eek!). So I quit DiskPart (without making changes), exited Recovery Console, put the HD in another Computer (Computer 0), booted off that comps working WinXP HD & that version of chkdsk happily FIXED the bad HD. The bad HD had errors, but overall was fine, the partitions WERE there, unlike what the rc.iso’s chkdsk told me. So, Computer 1 is FIXED because the “bad HD” is IDE & Computer 0 is IDE too!

    Now for the problem: Computer 2′s HD is SCSI/SATA (are those the same thing?)…so I can’t put that into Computer 0 (the Computer that fixed Computer 1′s HD). rc.iso’s chkdsk tells me the same thing for Computer 2: “unrecoverable problems”…blah blah blah. How can soo many people online use that rc.iso when it don’t really work?!? Note that rc.iso might’ve failed on Computer 2 because of the SCSI/SATA drive, I know your supposed to press F6 while the Recovery Console is loading to provide drivers, but nothing says WHERE I’m supposed to get those drivers (& there was NO REASON it should’ve failed on Computer 1, that’s an IDE drive).

    So? What did I try next? This page! With the Win7 RC iso…what happened? I put the disc in Computer 2, pressed a key to boot from CD, it said “Windows is loading files…”…once that got done, the screen when black, a little bit later the numlock light on the KB went off & then…NOTHING. It sits on a black screen, no progress, no nothing, I’m pretty sure it’s crashed/stalled at this point. So again I ask: How can people be using this Win7 RC iso, on this page, if it DON’T WORK???…or…is it only supposed to work for Win7?…but that don’t make sense, since I should be able to boot a CD with no HD in the Computer…so again…WHY does it stall on a black screen?

    I already have 2 coasters (the CD’s I burnt that “don’t work”)…what should I do next? Should I burn the Vista Recovery Disc & try that? I just need to run chkdsk!…like the BSoD says (but the nice little BSoD don’t give me a command line to run chkdsk, now does he!?! {Microsoft should make the BSoD say “Error blah blah blah”, then “Press any key to run chkdsk”…or…”Press any key to get a command line where you can run chkdsk”…ugh! stupid Microsoft giving us a BSoD telling us to do something, without giving us a way to do it!!!). Also, with all the “Bootable Rescue CD’s” all over the net, someone REALLY needs to make a “Bootable chkdsk CD”.

    Haven’t tried this yet: I could put Computer 1′s now-fixed HD into Computer 2, cuz Computer 2 does have an IDE cable going to the CD-ROM, I could borrow that cable, boot Computer 2 off Computer 1′s HD, so it can fix Computer 2′s HD…*** BUT ***…I don’t want to “deactivate” Computer 1′s WinXP simply cuz I need to boot it once on another Computer…would that happen? Would doing this “deactivate” Computer 1′s WinXP? Would backing up Computer 1′s wpa.dbl & restoring after be enough to make it forget about the incident? Would booting straight into Safe Mode allow chkdsk to run without requiring Windows to activate/deactivate?

    & one more question to add to this long post: Is there a (FREEWARE!) program to re-test “bad sectors”. Does chkdsk /r re-test them (& unmark them) or just mark new ones?

    • No, unfortunately these discs will not work with XP. I do believe there are some sort of recovery disks (possibly just floppies) available somewhere. I just can’t remember where.

    • Like I said above…how could these “not work with XP”? If I have a computer without a Hard Drive (for example)…it has no OS…but these Discs (or any “boot disc”) should still boot.

      Do the Vista or Win7 Recovery Discs have chkdsk? If they do, I’m sure they can repair NTFS drives. If that’s all true, it shouldn’t matter that my OS is XP. Unless, of course, the boot disc wants to “login” to the OS on the HD, then I can see it not being able to, but in that case, what’s the boot disc for? If it needs to “login” to a failed HD?

      I do understand some of the options might not / shouldn’t work…like “Startup Repair”…but I really do expect the “Command Prompt” & “chkdsk” to work, even if it’s trying to fix a non-Win7 OS.

      Did you read all of it? Any more responses? Anyone else? Would the Vista Discs work any better?…remember I just need Command Prompt / chkdsk to work, nothing else on the Recovery Disc needs to work.

  80. I just wanted to say thank you for theese disks, I had a Toshiba computer I was working on that had the blues screen of death, and i could not boot into windows 7. I had tried to do a systen restore but it woulnt let me, it only showed safe mode boot and when i did boot into safe mode i still got the blue screen.I uese the windows7 recovery 64 bit, and i was able to boot the computer and once in windows I made the media recovery disks that helped me restore the system to its original factory state. No more blue screens!!!! If you could put a link to vista recovery disk on here i will be set for any future problems with other systems :)

  81. Am I missing something here but the download links don’t work. They take me to advertising site…[mediafire.com] know the kind where the download button is 100 times bigger than the text around it and its for some bogus ad etc…not for the downloadable software….


  82. Nice try Howard (would be nice to have a preview huh?), but since I don’t know which of your attempts to reply to, I’ll reply to the article.

    Anyway, Howard said: “They take me to advertising site…”…I have Firefox with ABP (Adblock Plus) & I never see ads…or when I do, I update the filters. If you are using anything less than Firefox with ABP, then you will see ads & have a bad internet experience.

  83. It is the only useful download for recovery CD I did for ages. thanks a lot

  84. HI i have HP laptop with windows 7 64 bit.I want to format my c drive but i have not format disk so if this software can help me for making format disk? If not, help me to resolve this problem.Pls

  85. Hi, I have an issue where I cannot reinstall microsoft office no matter what I try (I believe it is because the last version didnt reinstall correctly. Will this help me to do so? Sorry if this is a stupid question….

  86. Thank you so much for the free download. Our laptop would not boot up, not even in safe mode. It would hang at the Welcome screen. We used the 32 bit ISO and it totally fixed our problem. We were able to get into Windows 7 and go back to a restore point. Everything works great now. Thank you for saving us time and a lot of headache.

  87. It seems Howard is correct (Somewhat) and Anonymous is an idiot.

    There are no downloads with the links. It says, ” Invalid or Deleted File.

    The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire.”

  88. i downloaded the 32-bit version to try a start up repair and it threw an error

    can this image not do that or is it something else?

  89. able to home premium windows 7

  90. Works GREAT!!!!!!!!

  91. These worked great for me too

  92. what if I have a virus where it will not let me put the CD drive first in the order of operations in the boot sequence in Bios

    • A virus should not stop you from being able to open the DVD drive when you boot the computer. Most will only take affect when Windows is loaded.

  93. do you know if it works from an usb archive?

  94. I have to burn recovery disk, but i haven’t got recovery disk manager on my hp laptop. Is it help me? Somebody knows how to burn dvd with windows 7 from my hard disk recovery?

  95. likely covered somewhere but.. My HP came with Win7 64 bit installed but did not come with a Win 7 install DVD… can you point me to a link that would show me the steps please?
    Much thanks!

  96. can I ask something?
    I dl-ed the 64 bit iso of win 7 recovery, and copy the files from the iso via winmount, plugged on my lenovo laptop (win 7 ult 64 bit build.7600) used the usb at the bios and still encounter the “bootmgr is not found” always.

    can someone help me???

  97. i downloaded the 32 bit and it will get to the loading bar that says microsoft corporation and wont go any farther..please help

  98. i have windows 7 and my laptop keeps getting a blue screen. if i use this to reformat will it keep the windows 7? or would i have to redownload windows 7

  99. THANK YOU A LOT!!! You are the greatest person i have (n)ever met :)

  100. Thanks alot
    fast torrent download

  101. Thanks for sharing these files.

    I don’t need them now, but I will
    save them in case something goes
    wrong with my computer.

    It surely beats formatting and
    re-installing everything over

    Take care !

  102. Is there something alike for Windows XP-SP2? JdQ

  103. Yeah for some reason, I guess I’m doing something wrong but when I download these files they ain’t showing as ISO. images, theyre only showing up as winRar files.

  104. Ah nevermind, although now i tried repairing and it just instantly says that windows couldnt detect a problem -.-

  105. I really do not know how to think you, your upload save my life. thanks a lot.

  106. Thanks,thanks,thanks..:D

  107. Thank you very much!!!!

  108. with windows seems like there will be always need for such recovery tools… Thank you very much for that you’ve read my thoughts (although couple months earlier :) I gave my win7 install disk with the idea that I’ll never gone need it again but… windows and anything is possible

  109. how do you burn this files? i see three files, one is independent and the other are grouped in a folder. i thought this was a one iso file…help…thanks

    • This is just one ISO file. I’m not sure what you downloaded?

    • This is normal, WinRAR associates with ISO so it can open ISO files. Just right click on the “Winrar archive” and click “Burn with ImgBurn”, if you dont have imgburn installed get it from [imgburn.com] it is the best 100% iso burning program.

  110. OMG i been looking for this thing. Alienware being a bitch when I called them.

  111. I just purchased a new hard drive for my laptop and of course no recovery disk came with my computer. Will this step work to install the operationg system?

  112. hi folks, help a daft damsel in distress. can trojans totally munch your OS files on you HDrive?ive tried the Windows 7 restore disk and its not detecting a problem. it was a Trojan/Trojans and its done something to the bootstrap files im sure?/i think i’ll need to FORTMAT C
    but i did not get the OS disk with the Samsung laptop; how do i source Windows 7 to reinstall now????
    i tried all the sections on the recovery disk (system restore, etc, to no avail)
    thanks folks

    • sucks for you HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA!!!!!!! LOL

    • I will take you seriously, although you are no doubt trying to get information on how to install Win7 illegally. Your hard drive came with a hidden partition with the OS and the manufacturer will tell you how to reinstall to factory. If you hosed that partition, then your manufacturer will sell you the restore discs which will work only on your make and model. Of course, if you had run the utility to make the backup discs in the first place when you got the machine, you wouldn’t have this problem. Of course, if you stole someones laptop and don’t know how to “make it yours,” you are of luck.

  113. I’m in a similar situation. After installing Microsoft security essentials on my toshiba qosmio, it (almost) froze (became really glitchy). After spending over 4 hrs trying to restart it, I gave up. It wouldn’t restart. I also can’t get to the recovery partition for some reason, and I don’t have a CD copy or recovery discs. Does anyone know if there’s a way to get a cd copy of windows 7. I’m not asking for an illegal one, nor one with a key (since I already have a genuine serial key). I was thinking if I had a windows 7 cd I’d be able to use my key and reinstall it on my laptop. I’ve done something similar before, where they guy who repaired my old comp with Win XP, installed a pirated version and then later I changed the key and was able to turn it into a genuine version.

    Would Microsoft be able to provide me with a CD copy of win 7 if I let them know that I have a genuine serial number (which was purchased with my laptop)?

    Anyways, any help would be appreciated. My main problem is that I can’t get to the recovery partition.

    • Microsoft can provide copies of the Windows 7 install disk if you already have a key for £10 ($20).
      Be aware that you have to keep Windows on your machine until you contact Microsoft.

  114. My mother board failed and I have installed a used one will I need this program to get up and running again? My old system and HD were running under W7. I am unsure as to I should even try to start the revamped system.

    • This should work in some respects.
      Just download turn on your revamped system, insert the DVD, when the DVD has loaded, click your OS, click startup repair (sometimes it pops up automatically).


  116. Anyone can help me?
    i cant boot my window, when i use a recovery disc and choose to repair system it only shows recovering files but does nothing. when i boot windows with windows7 OS and installed it, it only display “setup is Starting” but noting happen.
    help me please.
    Sony vaio laptop.
    Windows7 64-bit.

    Can u send ur help to my e-mail? @ choinic_02@yahoo.com.
    I will appreciate it. and advanced thanks

  117. shit,i always getting ”BOOTMGR is missing” error press ctrl+alt+del to restart your computer.damnit!!i’m using windowsz 7 home premium 64bit.will this windows recovery will help me to fix this??i try to solve alot until it brought me here.

    please help me T.T

  118. Hi all, I had a problem with very slow launch of my VAIO laptop so made some changes to the startup files, big mistake – next time I rebooted I got the message “windows failed to start. a recent hardware or software change might be the cause” it then gives me two option to launch windows normally or launch startup repair – normall just takes me back to the same screen and startup repair can’t fix the problem automatcally.

    I downloaded your recvery disks but when I put the disk into the disk drive and boot up I just get the same message – am I supposed to do something other then just boot up?

    Please help!!!


    • It sounds like you may have to reinstall Windows. Something is likely corrupt that cannot be repaired without a fresh install.

    • You guys should use Rdrive image or Snapshot.
      Then partition your disk and store everything on other than C” drive.
      Store Image of C: on the other partition.
      Win dies, just boot up on the Rdrive or snapshot CD and replace the corrupt installation with the fresh one.

      My documents can be moved to another drive in XP so that nothing is lost except email or favourites. They can be saved elsewhere or regularly backed up with “Genie Backup”.

      Note? “Snapshot” uses Linux but makes a rescue floppy which I converted to a bootable CD ISO. Can upload it if that helps.

      Frank at email kingsgully at gmail dot com (rehash the email address. Cheers

  119. OMG thank you so much!!

  120. I am going to try and recover the laptop of the best friend of my daughter. She keeps getting this upon boot: Unhook any electrical devices and restart.
    Not sure why this is happening but she is 19 and did not know she needed to make a recovery disk. So, I hope this works.

    Thank you Ryan.

  121. Sirs:

    For some reason it won’t download the recovery files. When I click on it, I can only go to some multiupload site and download their ferschlugginer program. There are all kinds of “download” buttons to push, except for the ISO file I want.

    Is this for real, or am I missing something?


  122. will this work if i get the BOOTMGR is COMPRESSED message on boot?

    I think someone compressed my laptop drive…


  123. My laptop was driving me crazy but this worked perfect!

    thanks a lot mate,
    Manuel Oviedo

  124. Thx but i dont get it i dont have any aviable disc and i have one with a document on it can i use it???

  125. well as my memory works well if u get a different motherboard you have to reinstall windows which includes formatting the hd. so if u would have gotten the exact same motherboard you would have had no trouble what so ever

  126. I can’t seem to get it right. It doesn’t auto repair and Command prompt directions arn’t helping. It said that it could read the hard disk?

  127. I’ve been looking for a non torrent download of this for days. Thanks dude.

  128. hi i have a acer laptop and it has got windows 7 home on it and is 32 bit syterm and when i turn it on it says BOOTMRG is missing i have tryed to download a recover program but it will not work and help plz

  129. i’ve tried this but my pc just keeps booting up normal (untill it gives an installation error and tries to reboot)
    could it be that these files don’t work when burnt with an imac?

    • I am having the same problem! My only other computer is a mac and I am trying to make a repair disk for my kids pc. The disk does not seem to be working.

  130. the best download was from cybernet, fast too and only waiting about 50 sec

  131. Hi,

    followed instructions and copied ISO file to a USB device, changed the boot sequence in the BIOS, inserted USB stick and restarted computer, now it tells me to remove disk.
    Please help, what am I doing wrong?
    My problem is: “A disk read error, press ctrl-alt-del to restart” when I start Windows 7 premium.



  132. so does this reformat it? cause i keep getting a blue screen and i have a virus. Does it do the same thing?

  133. mine is HP compaq Presario wit 32 bit OS windows 7,due 2 virus or so got bluscrens, then we tried for sys restor/debug by inserting a VISTA CD[ in a hurry. Blindly], then it askd for language= en, then next, then we opted Sys REPAIR….., then restart, we choose boot by CD/DVD in F9 options.., now we incerted
    1) win backup DVD (ERROR : Boot\BCD & Status: Oxcoooooof )
    2) win 7 installation cd ( still the same above error , we tried with F8 options still the same error)

    do u suggest us to just use the VISTA CD to restore Or we can use Win 7 installation cd to restore which should eliminate the above errors,
    need Jr timely answer\reply ASAP.

    • maybe u could buy a new hd very cheap ..and install win7 and then get a 3in1 ide/sata Drive Adapter to see if u can access your old hd as external that’s what i did… my hard drive was dead so that’s why the recovery didn’t work

  134. Ryan, I have a hp dv7-4272us that was purchased less than a month ago running 7 x64 I decided to upgrade to 7 pro x64 and when liked the hp bundled software a little better… anyways when I tried to use the system recovery partition the machine would just boot win 7 pro so I purchased the recovery media from hp. (Yes, I even paid the extra $ to have it delivered next day. lol) After running the recovery media I get the dreaded “bootmgr is missing” error msg. Unfortunately since I do not have an operational operating system on the machine it will not repair the boot sector.

    Any help in resolving this matter is greatly appreciated.

  135. where is the tutorial plzzzz

  136. I now have copies of your recovery disks, unfortunately the desktop that I need to recover I don’t remember wether I have the 64 bit ot 32 bit program installed…too many computers! Can you help. I don’t no whic recovery disk to use…….desperate!!!!

  137. got my win7 back working again after doing a system restore and screen went black. took a while and alot of restarting computer but it finally worked!!

  138. Hi
    I’ve problem with my system. i can use my DVD ROM to load win2003 setup but can’t use it for win2008! i’ve tasted too any windows DVD but only CD works . does anyone know the reason ?

  139. You are a lifesaver. This worked perfectly for me. Thanks a lot.

  140. Thanks.

    Do I burn it to a CD or DVD?

    im trying to recover because the? screen says system bios shadowed, video bios shadowed and if i press anything it says

    Yukon PXE v6.60.1.2 (beta) (20080407)
    (C)Copyright 2003-2008 Marvell(R). All rights reserved.
    Pre-boot eXecution Environment (PXE) v2.1
    (C)Copyright 1997-2000 Intel Corporation.
    PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
    PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM.
    Operating System not found

    i blame on my Gateway md7818u laptop for using yukon marvell chip on the video card,many kids installed a new video card and got the same problem, the gateway customer service support acted like they didnt know what the issue was yet i found other gateway users with? the same problem who did not get any solution,i had my laptop for 14 months so the warranty is over and gateway will gladly repair this lemon for 200 dollars for faulty cheap hardware so my inexpensive laptop cost me more than i expected, maybe they would just switch the failed video card? so.. just dont buy Gateway, i was hoping i could used the recovery dvds i made on this laptop but the option to reinstall win7 is not enable to press.. only the exit button works, the repair disk ? didnt help me with my problem either,so im gonna tell everyone not to buy gateway even on youtube

    • the recovery didn’t work because the hard drive cant b accessed ,i was informed by gateway support the blame is the internal hd i tested with a 3in1 ide/sata Drive Adapter and it didn’t recognize the hd as external so i got a 500gig hd 7400rpm new one for $59 the 250gigs 5400 rpm i had is $46 O_o (@j&r).. but the 3 dvds i made of win7 backup recovery wont install windows7 :(…i tried to install the xp installer but the gateway bios is set for 7 and there was errors installing :(

    • i downloaded win7 and now im gonna try the recovery dvds of my win7 backup

  142. Hi Author,
    I buy a new Acer laptop here in Saudi Arabia, It is originally installed with a 64-bit Windows Home Basic OS. I do custom install for 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate ( I made a back-up before installation) and I forgot that some of the applications and drivers in the original OS is designed for 64-bit. And the result is like a disaster after that installation. I want to recall back the 64-bit installed originally and upgrade it to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.Will this upload help me..Thank you..n___n..

  143. This is NOT working for me! The files have a complete different name WhiteSmoke Something.exe and are the incorrect file size too!~

    What’s going on?

  144. I got my hp pavilion g7. It only came with a recovery partition and no separate recovery disks. Though my windows7 home is working fine but I can’t restore it to factory defaults. When I try F11 option, it says could not boot and repair your start up with windows installation cd. Can this image help me accessing my recovery partition on my local hard drive?
    Wating for an earlier response….

  145. My laptop won’t start up and i do not have the Windows installation disc… How do i fix my laptop???

  146. I have Window Vista on my desktop that i brought 4 years ago, and it is starting to slag, I was thinking if I could download Window 7 on it, but I do not want to lose all my stuff I have, What can I do,.

  147. So i’ve made the disk. put it into my laptop. selected CD/DVD on the Boot Manager. But nothing has changed? It still tries to repair it self in the same way that it did and I still just get the ‘Start up repair’ box coming up as it did before and then it trying to repair itself and then ‘Windows cannot repair the computer automatically’ ‘If you have recently attached a device to this computer, such as a camera or portable music player, remove it and restart your computer. If you continue to see this message [which i have], contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance. Click finish to exit and shut down your computer.’

    Then there are two links: ‘View diagnostic and repair details.’ and ‘View advanced options for system recovery and support’ – where it asks me for a username and password i have not set??????

    What is supposed to happen when you put in the CD?????


  148. i had to replace my hard drive. need a windows 7 disc where can i get one

  149. Hello there.
    i have an error when my win 7 pro .It can’t start. It said
    Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

    1:Insert your Windows installatio disk and restart your computer
    2:Chose language settings and then click “Next”.
    3:Click repair your computer

    If you do not have that disk, contact your administrator or computer manufacturer for assiatance

    Status: 0xc000000e

    Info: The boot selection faled because a required device is inaccesable

    Can anyone help me. Can this disk fix this error. Please reply

  150. I don’t think the links are working it is not letting me download this

  151. I have Windows 7 Premium (I think 32). I downloaded the program, image burned it, and no when I run it, I get to the dialogue box “System Recovery Options”. I click “Next” and it says “this version of stem Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair…”.

    Any suggestions?

    • Is it possible that you actually have the 64-bit version installed? Many laptops these days ship with a 64-bit OS.

  152. The links for download are not working …. :-(
    Can you share the working one??

  153. Plz tell me about installation media of Windows 7, How can i deploy windows 7 using installation media

  154. how does your windows install get corrupted from working with linux. that makes no sense unless you are referring to overwriting the partitions.

    • Your Master Boot Record (MBR) will get altered by most Linux distribution installs, and removing the Linux OS does not revert the MBR back to the original state.

    • The linux loader is called GRUB and is different than the Windows bootloader ntldr or bootmgr. Hence Linux prioritizes itself so it can load. Running a dual boot system it has to be this way, because they way Linux is programmed. The GRUB has to sit on the MBR, but can call on the windows loader if not needed (choosing to boot Windows instead of Linux). When unistalling Linux or formating the disk, GRUB is still present and dominates over Windows.

      SIMPLE solution:::: Rewrite the MBR!!! some boot disks have fancy software to do this with. Recovery doesn’t work, because thhere is nothing to RECOVER!!!!! Windows 7: Boot with the disk, pressing while it’s loading the files. This will take it to the recovery menu. Choose your option (best is boot with command prompt) Before doing so – TAKE OUT THE DISK! Now YOUR Windows is booted and running in safe mode!

      CMD: change to your CD/DVD drive
      change into the CORRECT recovery directory and start bootsect /help
      This will give you the options needed to restore change and/or overwrite the mbr, fix partitions, a.s.o
      fixmbr does not work on Vista, or 7!

  155. Had a 6 month old notebook with Windows 7 64-bit to fix. The teen that had it downloaded porn off a P2P, infected it severely, had the BootMgr missing! The sites I visited said I could do a repair with anyone’s Windows 7 discs or my Vista’s. They were wrong! Found you in a search. Tried your program and it worked great! I thank you very much!

  156. Hi

    I pressed the button and it said windows is loading files then it comes to a black screen with a mouse icon whats happening it doesnt go any further ?


  157. Thanks for the info. I downloaded the repair disc and I burned it on cd. Iam not sure what folder I should use. There are 3 listed. My problem according hp is that my windows installer is the problem. It just won’t let me install the hp disc. I have found the lic key folder and I bring that up I find the windows installer folder RGB9RAST_x64 and the folder RGB9Rast_x86 I tried reinstalling this to know awail. The hp still tells me it the window installer in the details. I also notice that when I an update from adobe that it also fails. Thank you for your help



  158. I abandoned Windows for Linux after my ancient XP PC died and thought I had escaped the nightmarish clutches of the often incompetent Micro$oft money making machine. My son uses a MacIntosh. But then, against all my pleadings my daughter chose a Windows 7 laptop for her birthday. Of course, I was out of the Windows loop and have been fearing the worst when it goes wrong, as it inevitably will.

    No, it didn’t come with a disk.

    Thanks for this!

    BTW, people. Hard drives do die, and it’s normally without warning. Trust me, I’ve had it happen several times. Repeat the mantra: Backup! Backup! Backup!

  159. crap link, takes you to a site that runs you around by the nose until you get too bored and don’t bother with the actual download

  160. I downloaded both these repair discs the 32bit disc loaded and started to appear to be working then it said something about the wrong version, then i tried 64 bit and it does nothing, plz help me with a possible solution, tyvm

    • Things that do nothing often are from a corrupt download.
      Use Elby Clone DVD to burn the ISO. Never fails for me.
      Your burner may be faulty or need cleaning with a cleaning CD. Cheers

  161. hey!

    i got problem may b not a big ,,but for mine its terrible
    m using packard bell tk85 came with windows 7 home premium 64 bit
    few days bak i think a virus were attacked and i change the operating system with another disc of windows 7 32bit

    but i want to get bak of my factory default operating system
    i had tried in start menu for system restore
    also at start up pressing by f11
    it doesnt work at all
    i didnot creat recovery cds for recovery:(
    but i still have my recovery partition

    i just want to ask that the programme u posted ,,will it be useful for me oor not?


  163. Thx. I removed Linux and Windows wouldn’t boot. Id use the install dvd but my dvd drive busted on my laptop.

  164. Hi I downloaded your link to do a system repair. after 2 hrs doing system recovery, I got a few cmd window that said “fail”. Is this a practical joke?

  165. Stupid, waste of time. Doesn’t work “Incorrect version of Windows” waste of my time. Again.

  166. Nice!! Thank you….Worked perfect!!

  167. Can you upload to mediafire.com as it’s difficult to download from the 1′s you uploaded to in Malaysia.


  168. Why, after using the Windows 7 64 bits Recovery disc, the startup animated logo before the logon screen is Vista animated logo instead Windows 7 animated logo

  169. Oh glad to see that you’re still commenting here.
    So I ran into this problem today, the “bootmgr is missing, please press ctrl+alt+delete to restart.”
    When I stick in the burned CD of the 64 bit version and restart, it acts as if no cd were inserted into my pc and I just run into the “bootmgr is missing” again.
    I also tested this on my laptop and it couldn’t be found.

    • Sounds like you didn’t burn the DVD properly, or haven’t selected the option to boot from the DVD when starting your computer.

  170. Hi, I have a Dell Latitude E6500 with Win 7. I am getting a cant find the hard drive error. I downloaded and burned the disc but when I run the recovery it cant find an operating system. I go to cmd prompt and run ScanOs and it cant find any windows installed. Is there anything that I can do to fix it or at the very least to get my data off the computer.

    Thank you for your help and time, I appreciate it.


  171. Thanks my friend, Manny thanks………..

  172. now that the links are down at neo, does anyone know if there is another place to get these files?

  173. I installed Windows7(32-bit) correctly and wanted to dual boot Ubuntu with it. But during installation an error occurred and it said “installation failed”. After that when I start my computer Windows Boot Manager gives the error as follows:

    “Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause….Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible”

    Can I recover my computer from this state using the recovery disk? Thx in advance!!


  175. Thanks so much for this post. my mother f’ed up my laptop today and this is just what i needed thanks.

  176. I had win7 home premium and installed RedHat linux because of some work requirement. Later, to remove linux from my laptop I formatted the disc which contained linux. Lol, my windows bootloader disappeared and i get GRUB. I don’t have recovery discs with me.

    Can this files solve me problem? How to remove grub and get back win7 bootloadder?


  177. Thank you so much for posting the Win 7 recover disk ISO!
    I was able to fix a school laptop which refused to boot –
    diagnostic “\BOOT\BCD missing”


  178. I have an HP All-in-One PC (which does have the recovery partition, but cant access it). The hard drive works, but it appears the boot files are damaged. HP wanted to just replace the hard drive, a great help that is to me when all my business stuff is on there. Not to mention thousands of photos. I hope this gets me in so I can back up my files to my external drive, my email and work stuff. Then HP can use the disk as a paper weight for all I care. Fingers crossed this works.

  179. Thanks for this, it got me out of a fix. The only thing I had trouble with was burning the iso file to CD. At first, I just did it as a data file using Nero but this didn’t give me a bootable disk. Then I discovered this tip on how to do it:


    Thanks – keep up the good work!

  180. Thank you so much for posting the Win 7 recover disk ISO!
    I was able to fix a school laptop which refused to boot – BOOTMGR is missing

  181. Brilliant, thank you so much for uploading this. Had an issue with my very expensive gaming P.C not booting and this fixed it a treat. You sir are a Gent! :)

  182. Great job .Thank you for uploading this.
    was surfing Google and reached here where i got some useful information

  183. this repair image file can not be created from system recovery options in my computer settings?? i guess it is possible to create system repair disk as well as whole system image in windows 7. i want to know that the iso file that you are suggesting here is somehing different from that?

  184. YEAH!!! THIS IS JUST PERFECT. Cannot thank you enough.

    For all the new to geekdom people i suggest using imageburn to make the bootable disc, it is free and it senses when you are trying to make a bootable iso and sorts out the settings for you, all you have to do is click burn image file to disc in the main screen and when you point to this file and click build, it will tell you if the settings are wrong and offer to correct the problem.

    being a trainee geek it helped me no end.

  185. Please help.

    Do you guys get a single .iso file, because I don’t.

    When I extract this download with Winrar, I get 2 folders and a file called bootmgr

    In the folders are .sdi .bin .wim files

    No .iso is anywhere to be seen.

    What am I doing wrong here ?

  186. Forget it.

    Winrar had somehow associated .iso with itself.

  187. Thank you, man, alot! You are doing a great job. I was in a big shit, my computer didn’t boot. Now I’m out of a great shit :D

  188. Hi,

    greetings from germany!
    This iso has saved my life!! Thanks a lot!


  189. Can anyone help please ?. My Dell laptop running Windows 7 will not boot from the hard disk..it continuously cycles between the Inspiron screen and the command prompt. I have downloaded the Windows 7 recovery file as above, and unzipped it and burn it to disc, but when trying to boot from the disc in the CD drive, nothing happens, only the cursor flashing. The files on the disc are:- Boot file folder, Sources file folder, and Bootmgr file. I have tried a Vista recovery disc( to check the CD drive is OK, and it started to load OK, this has an Autorun and Setup.exe loaded, don’t know if this is relevant , anyway, any ideas why this isn’t working?
    Thanks, Rich C

  190. Please Help!!! I have a Sony Vaio laptop and Im not exactly sure what is going on with it. First when i started it up it would go through this loop where it would say something about restore system not found and all i could do was go through different recovery modes which all lead back to the same screen. So i downloaded a recovery disc and then i got the message Cannot use this recovery disc for this computer. Confirm the model type..the recovery disc did allow me the option to clear all files which i did hoping it would solve the problem and now when i turn on my laptop all i see is Operating System Not Found…is there anyway to fix this? Thanks!!

  191. My problem is I have a netbook so no CD/DVD rom drive so it needs to be a USB so how can I do this?

  192. Thank you very, very much! This page saved me a lot of time and money! :)

  193. Hi, can i use my pen-drive to repair windows? (my dvd/cd reader is not working)

  194. Thank you so much for the post…

  195. Thank you so much for this post!

  196. does it matter on witch link you download?

  197. Can this be put on a jump drive and have puter boot to usb?

  198. i could see that after over 2 years this post is still helping a lot of desperate guys out there, me included. a friend’s laptop with win 7 that didn’t come with any discs just suddenly refused to boot today. i did a search for recovery discs and found this site. since i didn’t know if the os was 32 or 64 bit (he didn’t now either), i downloaded both iso files. the 32 bit turned out to be “incompatible” so i used the 64 bit and the problem was immediately solved. i just want to thank ryan and the others for being so generous for making these fixes available for FREE, something they could have easily charged at least $10 each. for those who left nasty comments i just want to let you know that you people are unbelievably ungrateful. whether it worked for you or not is not the issue, just be thankful that someone put these here without charging a penny. there’s nothing wrong with the programs; i downloaded them, burned them on cd, popped the cd in the cd drive and booted from it. don’t know how much brains you need to do that.

  199. Hiya, i downloaded file and burned to a cd, when i tried to boot from cd in my other comp it didnt, it just carried on to the normal windows screen, if i try to open the disc it is trying to use nero to open, my comp has a nasty virus and it wont let me use system restore through the control panel, seems to be blocking it, what kind of program do i need to open an .iso file?

  200. For those of you who are unsure what to do with a file that you downloaded from the links in this article, you DO NOT have to do anything to it and you DO NOT have to extract anything from it. An ISO file is NOT like a .zip file which you might want to ‘unzip’.

    The file is called an ISO file because it conforms to the ISO-9660 standard (probably with ‘Rock Ridge Extensions’ but you don’t care about that and neither do I). ‘ISO file’ is just a way of describing the format of the data in the file. It’s actually a complete filesystem encapsulated in a file. If you want to see what’s in the filesystem you can mount it on a Linux machine with something like

    mount -t iso-9660 -o loop imagefilename /mount/point/

    then you can cd into the newly mounted filesystem and play around.

    To use t as intended all you have to do is use a CD or DVD burning program to write the file to an optical disc. It is a ‘bootable image’ so if your computer can boot from the CD or DVD drive it will be able to boot from the image you write to the disc, assuming (a) it’s written properly, (b) your computer hardware is more or less a PC, not something odd (e.g. a Macintosh) and (c) most of the computer hardware is working properly.

    This will not ‘repair’ a hard disc of the hard disc is actually broken. All it does is tidy up the software on the disc – assuming that the disc itself is working properly.

    I don’t know if booting from this ISO image will work if you write it to a flash device like a USB stick but I doubt it. I’ll probably give it a try and report back.

  201. Haven’t used this yet, but I will. I’m about 3 thousand miles from home and need a fix for my boot problem. Thanks thanks thanks!

  202. Links arent working??? and you now have to pay to use the torrent file?

  203. Been 2 weeks trying to get rid of backdoor virs, this patch was great only took 30 min to re start computer…………………Thank you

  204. I am trying to boot my windows 7 to install the recovery part of my Asus N56VZ, and i am getting these problem:



    Windows failed to start. A recent hardware of software change might be the cause.

    To fix the problem:

    1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.

    3. Choose your language settings, and then click “Next”.

    3. Click “Repair your computer.” If you do not have this disc, contact your system
    administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance. Status: 0xc0000001 Info: An
    unexpected error has occurred.


    Will these boot solve my problem since its Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium PT-PT?

  205. Thanks for the fix! I had inserted a Logitech USB wireless mouse dongle into my Dell Win7 laptop for the first time while it was shut down. I learned later from a blogger on Microsoft Answers site ‘if you added anything that your PC hardware will recognize as a hard drive then Win7 will install /Boot/BCD to one of these’. Windows next bootup halted at
    Windows Boot Manager
    Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
    1.insert windos cd and run a repair your computer option.
    File: /boot/bcd
    Status: 0xc000000f
    Info: an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data. My laptop did not come with an installation CD. After booting to the newly created recovery CD, I followed Microsoft Article ID: 927392, using bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd from the command line option. My next bootup worked normally.

  206. Yes, the Windows 7 Recovery WINPE Repair Disk is very powerful. I found a freeware is more powerful and useful. It includes WinPE and Linux CD builder. On the CD the freeware burned, it continues data recovery, format recovery, disk clone, disk image, password recovery, format partition, wipe partition, etc. I found this software on

  207. Thank you for Recovery Disk program!
    I have my computer back! Yaaay!!!

  208. You have earned your place in heaven kind sir!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  209. sir, your 64 bit is no longer exist. can you please re-upload a new one? thank you very much

  210. Many Thanks! Works perfectly.

  211. 64 bit isn’t there anymore can you please reupload D:

  212. Salve, potete per favore fare un reupload dell’immagine ISO di Windows 7 Recovery Disc 64 bit (x64). Mi serve urgentemente per riparare il mio computer fermo sulla schermata di windows boot manager:vi allego l’immagine del problema [tomshw.it]
    Spero ripristiniate al più presto l’immagine ISO di windows 7 recovery disc 64 bit ed io possa risolvere il mio problema. Ciao Luigi

  213. Anybody has link for 64 bit version or any reupload? This tool is really amazing and saved my life several times. But now I have only 64 bit, I think you know, time goes… .

  214. The downloadlinks don’t function anymore, and the Neosmartlink leads only to a paysite of the Easy Recovery Tool

    Please actualize your information!


  215. Please someone help me my Acer aspire 5733z on startup show BOOTMGR is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart… What can I do I put windows 7 CD but it didn’t boot to format … My laptop was going well but once some buttons of its keyboards is not going well ..please help someone please … Thanks in advance

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