Windows 7 TG Daily has gotten there hands on a valuable piece of information … an early roadmap for Windows 7! Microsoft previously said that general availability of Windows 7 will be in 2010, which may still hold true. Here’s the milestone estimates that was outlined in the roadmap:

  • Milestone 1 – Already available to Microsoft Partners.
  • Milestone 2 – April/May 2008
  • Milestone 3 – Third Quarter 2008
  • BetaTo be determined
  • Release CandidateTo be determined
  • RTM – Second half of 2009

It’s likely that if Windows 7 gets sent to the manufacturer late in 2009 that a consumer release will follow in 2010. As we saw with Vista, the consumer availability was over 2 and a half months after the operating system RTM’d.

All of this will be confirmed when Microsoft announces the requirements for the Windows Logo Program for Windows 7, which they say will be available at least 18 months before the RTM date. If the 2009 RTM date holds true we should hear about the Windows 7 Logo Program by July 2008.

In terms of new features and functionality in Windows 7 there has been little information leaked. The most we know at this point is that Microsoft plans on adding touchscreen features to the operating system. They are probably doing that in hopes of boosting Tablet PC sales by introducing devices that can receive input from both a stylus and by touch.

Hopefully more information regarding Windows 7 will leak soon, because I’m anxious to see what Windows 7 might include. ;)