Windows 7 Fake
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A Neowin forum member wrote a post outlining features for what is supposedly Windows 7 (build 6.1.6519). Almost as quick as he wrote the post he also deleted it, but not before a Neowin administrator grabbed a cached version. As expected people are questioning the integrity of the review because no photos or anything substantial was included. Here’s an overview of what was said:

  • Couldn’t get Aero working because of driver issues
  • Uses barely 480MB of memory after startup
  • Gadgets are now integrated into Explorer
  • New Gadget called Windows Media Center that shows information of what’s playing in Media Center
  • Start menu has a pin next to each item to toggle pinning status
  • The feedback tool hints at future Windows 7 expectations:
    • Improved network connectivity that can detect what network your on and switch settings accordingly
    • New Calculator, Paint, and Wordpad use WPF
    • Installation takes just 10 minutes with 1 reboot
    • Better battery life
  • New boot screen and redesigned Vista login screen

Unfortunately we can’t disprove anything that was said because there were no pictures provided to backup the theory. I did see a Microsoft Windows employee post in the forum on that particular thread (I won’t point him out), but it wasn’t in regards to the authenticity to the Windows 7 claims.

The image above is supposedly of Windows 7 that was posted by another Neowin member, but there are a lot of things that tip it off as a fake:

  • Both MSN Messenger and Internet Explorer are branded as version 12 and 11 respectively. Yeah, like they will release 4 versions of Internet Explorer by the time Windows 7 is released.
  • The last time I checked MSN Messenger is now known as Windows Live Messenger.
  • Windows Media Player has an old icon, and Internet Explorer’s icon is lacking the gold ring around it.
  • The date says it’s Sunday, December 15th. That’s interesting because the last time December 15th landed on a Sunday was back in 2002. But you know this had to be created within the last year or two because it uses some icons that were just introduced in Vista.

Oh, and about the title of the article. I just wanted to second the motion of a Neowin member who saidWindows 7 sucks, I’ll stick with Vista! Just wanted to be the first one to say it!” :D

[via I Started Something]