Windows 8 text editor

The next time you are typing away on your keyboard you should think about whether you’re using the right app for the job. Some of us use Microsoft Word for almost everything while others remain faithful to apps like Notepad and Notepad++ because of their simplicity. If you like the Metro-style design that Windows 8 basks in then the new MetroTextual app may be right up your alley.

MetroTextual doesn’t do much more than the native Notepad app, but it throws a refreshing interface on top of the Notepad many of us have come to love. The one feature you won’t find in Notepad, however, is the included syntax highlighting. If you’re a programmer this is something I’m sure you can appreciate, and these are the formats it currently supports: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Assembly, C#, VBScript, Python, Postgre SQL, XML, and Microsoft T-SQL (MSSQL).

Users can also pick from a handful of different border colors, but there is one gotcha I don’t think the developer had considered. The border only runs along the top and the left side of the window, which you can clearly see in the screenshot above. For most people I’m sure that’s not a problem, but I’ve always gone for a clean no-shadow look in Windows 7. If you use this app in Windows 7 without the system-wide shadows enabled you’ll find that the bottom and right sides of the screen won’t really appear to be constrained. Even a really thin line along those edges would make it much better. I did turn the shadows on for the screenshot though so that you could visualize the app the way the developer intended.

MetroTextual Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)