Clipboard manager

I’ve tried using quite a few clipboard managers in the past, but I always run into the same problem of forgetting they are actually there. Sometimes they use a custom keyboard shortcut which is yet another thing you’ll have to embed in your brain, or there will be a System Tray icon that will be forgotten about shortly after installation. In my mind these methods aren’t efficient.

Shapeshifter is a free Windows clipboard utility that tries to be both useful and simple. I like to view it as an extension of the current clipboard system rather than a replacement. Whenever you copy an item on your machine Shapeshifter will store it for future use, and when you use the standard Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut to paste the item you should notice no difference from what you’re already used to. So how do you activate this? Press and hold Ctrl+V which will display the screen you see above.

Certain items you copy such as pictures and videos will have thumbnails next to them so you can easily identify the object you copied, and highlighting an item will display the details of what you copied along the left side of your screen. You can also pin frequently used items to the top of the clipboard list so that they are easy to access.

To me this is a very nicely developed application since it capitalizes on the shortcuts we are already used to. The interface is extremely simple, but on the flip side it adds enough benefit to make it worth your while.

Shapeshifter Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)