Command line alternative

Update: As “lexus” pointed out in the comments, this is not actually freeware like I originally assumed. The site led me to believe that this was freeware, and I didn’t see any indication while using the app that it was shareware. It is $30, and for that much I do not believe it is worth it.

If you’re a Windows user that hasn’t made your way over to PowerShell yet you might be interested in the free PowerCmd tool. This serves as an excellent Windows Command Line interface alternative that includes features like a visual autocomplete interface that you can see in the screenshot above. It also integrates into the Windows Explorer context menu so that you can right-click on a folder and open a PowerCmd window using that folder as the starting directory.

One of the more interesting features that I’ve really come to like are the full logs that PowerCmd is able to keep. It stores not only the commands that you run but also the output that they provide. That means you don’t always have to worry about piping output to a text file, and you can go back to look at the output of the commands you ran month ago. Since these are just stored as plaintext .log files you can easily search them using something like Notepad++’s find in files feature.

If you’re using the Windows Command Line on a regular basis this is a tool that might make your life a little easier. Head on over to the homepage to take a peak at the features a bit more in depth.

PowerCmd Homepage (Windows only; SHAREWARE)