If you haven’t heard of Windows Crossbow then you shouldn’t be too ashamed. It is the next version of the Windows Mobile operating system and is not a codename for the next desktop operating system like some people might think (the codename for that is Vienna). We’ve had some previous coverage on Windows Crossbow, but it was merely screenshots. Now there is actually a leaked version of Windows Mobile 6.0 Crossbow!

The download of Windows Crossbow is here and it weighs in at about 53MB. The site who posted the leaked download says that the operating system is not complete right now and is missing some things, but it supposedly functions just fine. Unfortunately they don’t go on to say exactly what is missing but it looks good from this video:

Here is the more detailed information on the download:

  • Filename: WM6PreRelease.rar (52.9MB)
  • Build Date: 1/12/2006
  • Build Number: 15341.4.2.0
  • Rom: 2.00.02.pv
  • External Rom: 2.02 PDAVIET

If you really want to give this a shot you should make sure you back up your entire mobile device, which is pretty easy to do with ActiveSync. That way if you find something that is completely not usable it would be extremely easy to go back to what you had. I would try this on my Pocket PC but I think it is a little too outdated to be able to run this (iPaq 5455).

News Source: MobileWhack [via CrunchGear]