It is safe to say that most tech savvy people have seen the Windows Vista speech recognition demonstration gone wrong, but how often has something like this happened in the past? I went searching for other videos to see what I could find and I managed to scrounge up a few good ones:

For those of you who haven’t seen the Vista speech recognition video:


The reason why Windows 98 wasn’t released “yet”:


Bill Gates on Conan…that was a mistake to begin with! This video is a mix of 3 different demonstrations that had some issues:


I guess you can see how things sometimes don’t go quite as you would expect them to. Maybe one of the problems is that they always demo Windows before it gets released and they run into a few unexpected bugs. Even though I do feel bad for the people I still can’t help but laugh.

“Nate the Great” submitted a link to the video I posted below. It is of MacWorld Bloopers and I think the end of the movie sums it up pretty well: “It’s pretty awesome when it works”…