Windows explorer replacmenet

We’ve covered several Windows Explorer alternatives here on the site, and in general the ones that are free all leave something to be desired. The thing that I really like with NexusFile is that it has many of the features power users want, but without all the clutter that a lot of the other file managers tend to come with.

To give you an idea of what NexusFile is capable of I assembled a list of my favorite features it has to offer:

  • Dual pane navigation plus each pane can have its own set of tabs
  • Supports FTP and SFTP connections
  • ZIP and RAR files can be extracted, and files can be archived using the ZIP format
  • Advanced file renamer
  • Split/join files
  • Compare folders for differences
  • Quickly enable or disable the showing of hidden files
  • Advanced file/folder selection can select only files matching your criteria (e.g. *.exe)
  • Change file attributes such as the date/time a file was modified
  • Customizable color schemes can change the color of files based on their extension

Sounds pretty good, right? I’ve ditched the top toolbar (enabled by default) to save even more screen space, and once I did that I felt like I was using a wonderfully minimalist file explorer. Overall I’ve been impressed with the way it handles my day-to-day operations, and may commit to using this full-time.

NexusFile Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)