Windows font manager

Windows doesn’t have a great way to manage the fonts on your system, but thankfully there are quite a few third party solutions that make it a heck of a lot better. If you’re looking for one of the better free options I’d definitely have to point you in the direction of NexusFont. This free and portable app has no issue managing your entire font library, and you’ll get a couple of perks by using it.

The first extremely nice feature is the live preview you get for each of the fonts using any string of text you desire. Just type a word or sentence in the box located in the top-middle of the window, and you will instantly see font previews for all of the fonts on your system. Want to share the previews with someone but aren’t sure if they have the fonts installed? No problem. Just select the font previews you want to share, and in the Font menu you’ll find an Export as Image option. This will save your live preview to an image that can easily be shared with others.

The other cool thing is that this is able to automatically activate fonts listed in the application without them actually being installed on the system. When the fonts get activated (simply by opening NexusFont) they will be available to other applications, and then when you close the app they will get removed. That way you don’t have hundreds or thousands of fonts always installed and activated on your computer which in some applications could cause a performance hit.

NexusFont Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)